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Hackers announced the latest list of drugs involved in the list of five Rio Olympic champion announced the latest list of drugs involved in the list of the list of the top five Rio Olympic champion Tencent sports can not stop the rhythm of September 24th! Today, the Russian hacker organization "singular bear" discloses inside "fifth group from the World Anti Doping Agency database black out athletes use drugs, including five who won the gold medal in the summer Olympic Games in Rio athletes. In addition, the Olympic Games as table tennis champion German delegation flag bearer Pohl impressively. So far, the Russian hacker Organization released a total of five data, a total of 107 athletes exposed medical data. The latest drug players involved in a total of 41 athletes from the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Serbia, Switzerland, Croatia, Japan, South Africa, Sweden and other countries. 41 people, mainly related to cycling, canoeing, gymnastics, table tennis, polo, rowing, sailing, fencing, volleyball, basketball, football, hockey, Judo, golf and shooting games. The fifth batch of hackers because of theft was involved in drug athletes, including the five gold medal in the Olympic Games in rio. These athletes information is stolen from the data storage system of the World Anti Doping Agency, involving athletes "medical use of these drugs." (TUE), that is to say, they can not be suspended for doping sanctions. Kate Campbell five heavyweight players were involved in drug Rio Olympic Games men’s individual road race champion, the Swiss Fabian Cancellara Australia; 4× the 100 meter freestyle relay, currently 100 members from the world record holder Kate Campbell and his teammates Wilson Australia – Madison; the British won the women’s sailing boat double level 470 athletes Texas Nokia – Clark won the gold medal; the Swiss mountain bike cyclist Nino Shure. In this batch of 41 drug list, Canada, U.S. seven, UK six, Italy four five, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Serbia, Switzerland, two, Croatia, Japan, South Africa and Sweden each one. In the hacker Organization released information, the German table tennis champion Pohl taking drugs called prednisone, an adrenal cortical hormone. The expiration date of the drug is the eve of the June 6, 2012 London olympics. More than a month ago, the Russian track and field and weightlifting team up to more than 100 athletes were banned from participating in the Olympic Games in Rio, International Olympic Committee, since then, the Russian Paralympic delegation was banned from participating in the Paralympic games. Therefore, the "magic bear" vowed to exposure to world sport doping scandal. With more and more athletes list was exposed, the attitude of International Olympic Committee high-profile. However, to date, the International Olympic Committee has yet to take substantive action, and the related items of Sports Federation and other agencies have issued a statement saying the drug involved athletes without fault, because they have been "therapeutic use exemption permit". At the same time, Bach, President of International Olympic Committee has come forward to request the Russian government support, he hopes the Russian government to help stop the fantasy bear continues to storm相关的主题文章: