Guo Degang red wine mask layout business catering all fell a mystery of personal wealth

Guo Degang: red wine mask layout business catering all fell in personal wealth mystery "master" Guo Degang: one is the corner, one side is the merchant weekly Times reporter Wu Mianqiang from Guangzhou will not do business Xiangsheng is a good actor. The source of this assertion can be traced to a comic show in Taiwan, at that time, the famous comedian Liu Zengkai pointed out on the stage to the audience that Guo Degang said: "today to see the main, marvelous, China comic history, the highest earning actors." As one of the traditional Chinese folk art forms, crosstalk was selected as the intangible cultural heritage. But as most people are familiar with the comic, initially did not make money, in this line of people often pay, until Guo Degang established deyunshe. As the most famous Chinese Deyunshe comic community, Beijing Deyunshe Culture Communication Co. Ltd., founded in 1995, formerly Beijing comic conference. Deyunshe belongs to the "Beijing comic conference every week in the flyover music tea and other performances in five or six games. The weekly Times reporter learned that the investigation, today, Guo Degang and his behind Deyunshe contains a huge commercial value, around the main industry of comic performances, Guo Degang industries across the film, clothing, food, wine, mask industries, their identity in the community, between Xiangsheng actor troupe businessman, switch. Public information, with comic art in the past 10 years the hot, Deyunshe internal still implement patriarchal traditional management system, however Cao Yunjin and Guo Degang are inevitably will slobber battle, Deyunshe pushed the enterprise restructuring stage. In recent years, Deyunshe and Guo Degang’s brand value rising, around Guo Degang’s personal wealth, has become the focus of the outside world, because these are not listed, hidden in the family in the industry chain. Personal wealth is a mystery Deyunshe, Beijing Deyunshe Culture Communication Co. Ltd., founded in January 17, 2006. At that time, Guo Degang is not so famous now, whether it is the cause of crosstalk or business has just started. Die Zeit reporter inquiries business information found in the registered capital of 1 million 400 thousand yuan, a total of two shareholders, are Guo Degang’s relatives, the wife of Wang Hui and brother Wang Yuqin, two people were holding 99% and 1%. Deyunshe Wang Hui served as legal representative, chairman of the board, Wang Yuqin served as the board of supervisors. From the current ownership structure, so far there has been no financing deyunshe. So the outside world that "Deyunshe" from first to last Guo Degang is a person in charge of the family business. Deyunshe also owns two other companies, Nanjing Deyunshe Culture Communication Co. Ltd (established in November 21, 2013, hereinafter referred to as "Nanjing Deyunshe") and Heilongjiang Deyunshe Culture Communication Co. Ltd (established in October 30, 2014, hereinafter referred to as "Heilongjiang German cloud society"). The main business scope of the company’s 3 drama, opera performances, performance and brokerage business management; retail audio-visual products, books, periodicals, electronic publications; theory相关的主题文章: