Guangxi characteristics of the National Day Golden Week travel experience to become a bright spot

Guangxi tour up the National Day Golden Week personal experience tour has become the highlight of contemporary life newspaper reporter Miao Li   the last day part of the area is still Yourenruzhi 7 day is the last day of the National Day holiday, foreign tourists have long-term return, some tourists take this holiday on the last day of the peak to the play area. In some scenic tourists. Such as Nanning Qingxiu mountain scenic area day tourists 12 thousand and 400 passengers, an increase of 64.78%; Wuzhou City Arcade – Longmu Temple scenic tourists 32 thousand and 900 passengers, an increase of 6.13%; Beihai Silver Beach tourist area of 12 thousand and 800 tourists, an increase of 19.63%; Longsheng Dragon Ridge Terrace Scenic tourists 9 thousand and 200 passengers, an increase of 3.73%. The National Day holiday tourism is one of the highlights of the seasonal and regional characteristics, Longsheng golden autumn terrace, is a typical scenic tourists to Guangxi tourism. So, the national day 7 days holiday, Longsheng Terrace Scenic spot tourism activities are booming, from 2-5, Longsheng star hotels and non star accommodation facilities, rural non star accommodation room occupancy rate is very high, as high as 90%. National tourism, have to mention and melt ditch scenic shuanglong. The area is Guangxi’s first glass suspension bridge has attracted many tourists, although 1 on the opening day for wasps sting Events temporarily shut down, but the tickets were all sold in October 7th, the attraction features very attractive. At the same time, Yangshuo, Jinxiu, Sanjiang, and other characteristics of Bama County, the National Day holiday tourism reception rate is very high. Diverse visitors pay more attention to the inner experience of the tour with the group, driving, take the high-speed rail travel, in the National Day holiday has become the city people in the District, Nanning provinces, main way of travel abroad. However, each citizen is based on their specific circumstances to choose travel. Different ways of travel also reflects the growing number of people pay more attention to the inner experience of the travel mentality.相关的主题文章: