Gold card company in August the stock market value of the market decline of 24 billion 600 million i synnex

Gold card company in August the stock market value of 24 billion 600 million market decline is the loss of the August monthly statistics released by the Sohu Chinese securities settlement or reduction, China securities financial Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the gold card company) managed the market capitalization of 455 billion 568 million yuan, 480 billion 165 million yuan in July compared with a decrease of 24 billion 597 million yuan, the proportion of the total market escrow escrow amount the total amount of from 1.67% to 1.51%. Not only is the card company, the market for the last year to participate in the bailout of the national team, there is a reduction in the move has been given a high degree of concern. According to Wind information data, "national team" holdings at the end of June this year the total circulation of the entire market capitalization accounted for to 7.3%, while the end of 2015 the proportion is 11.9%. In terms of value, the national team held 345 billion yuan to reduce the stock to $2 trillion and 760 billion, a decline of 11.5%. In August, the stock index and the gem refers to small plates that month rose more than 3%, Shenzhen stock index rose more than 4%. In the case of a A stock index, the national team will be contrarian holdings? From the China settlement released data, the total financial institutions, Securities Depository (market capitalization) ranked the top 50 list, gold card company only branch in China settlement data of Shanghai, and the Shenzhen branch of the Chinese settlement data did not appear gold card company. Therefore, we can not draw the conclusion of the reduction of the company. And the above data on the card company is only the amount of escrow, is not equivalent to the shareholding of the company. Some analysts said the decline in the market value can not represent the national team funds in the exit. According to Chinese settlement data, the national team has the same background and gold card company of Beijing Fengshan investment limited liability company, the total managed 8 at the end of the (market capitalization) 180 billion 443 million yuan, an increase of 6 billion 700 million yuan in July. Daily the latest market operation guide and limit prediction will be in WeChat public number: publicize my eyes Kanpan, scan the QR code below (or WeChat search public number: agu819), you will get a different surprise!  相关的主题文章: