Gold and silver or gold and then test the news taking 1330 support sayu-02

Gold and silver or gold news: Taking the test again 1330 support clients view the latest market opportunities all the time, the same is true in the gold market, the key is to see whether we know the first time to grasp, but due to negligence is not found, so as to let the opportunity slip, or allow others to find out, then we have to know. Miss the opportunity. Therefore, the time to pay attention to the disk to learn to see more, think more, ask more, find and create opportunities for their own great benefits. If you often lose, there must be a question of ideas and strategies, so immediately change the idea, the immediate crisis as an opportunity to change the speed of thinking will determine the rate of profit. This week the gold market basically grasp in place, follow the rhythm of the market on a very good, so the surplus profits continue to logical. See more non-agricultural recovery, Churu week period to see the continuity of homeopathy pulled up, Wednesday revised form, then yesterday, Thursday fell after the first rise. The market is fully consistent with expectations, to stop the high point of $1352.5 ounce, to further determine the callback correction, began to look at the overall short callback! Facts speak louder than words., our judgment is completely correct, recently both long and short line profit! No more than a single line layout before the middle of the farm, in the top 1350 have been all profit. 1350-52 empty layout, yesterday’s income is also very rich. The European Central Bank [micro-blog] yesterday announced the maintenance of the three major interest rates unchanged, maintaining the size of asset purchases unchanged at 80 billion euros, and maintain the QE project duration unchanged. Before the resolution, most people think that the ECB may extend the term of quantitative easing or modify the purchase of debt rules. However, concern was that the Fed, zhe Mo public interest rate expectations will also limit the European Central Bank’s action, at present, from the September 21st FOMC rate decision in just two weeks, the market is paying close attention to whether the Fed will raise interest rates in September. It is difficult for many central banks to take action before the Fed’s decision. For the European Central Bank, it is easier to choose to wait and keep the ammunition relatively easy. Delaki then after the market opened at a news conference that is ready to take all the tools, gold quickly narrowed rose, Delagi said the rate of interest is expected within the next period of time will remain at the current level or lower, and the implementation period will exceed QE. QE will continue until the inflation path is consistent with the target. 2016 fiscal position is expected to moderate expansion. The economic outlook is still downside risk. This year’s GDP growth rate is expected to increase from 1.6% to 1.7%, the next year and down from 1.7% to 1.6%. Will this year, inflation is expected to remain unchanged at 0.2% next year, down from 1.3% to 1.2%, the year after the gold price remained unchanged at 1.6% this week to hit a near two week highs near 1352, in the two trading days after the trial did not break, Thursday began to fall in the vicinity of 1350, and below the 1340 mark in the plate, the lowest reach near 1335, the daily fee bardo. Thursday’s decline has Tuesday rose taking nearly half of Friday as the last trading day of the week, need to pay attention to support efforts under, beware of the strength of the market.相关的主题文章: