Ghost Perfumes – Hauntingly Beautiful

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Ghost Perfumes are a line of fragrances created by designer Tanya Sarne. Tanya owns a British fashion house famed for its feminie and floaty clothing lines, often produced in a crinkly viscose material. Consisting of three basic blends, these perfumes have met with great success in the designer perfume market for women. Each is distinct in its aroma and offers a unique scent for the wearer that is attractive any time, day or night. Building upon a small foundation that launched with a single fragrance in 1995, the line has been promoted heavily, and even a number of celebrities find their taste stated in these light and airy perfume blends. The original Ghost Perfume is refreshing and crisp, created for casual daywear and introduced in 1999 to a audience of women looking for a more tart, citrus aroma that branched away from the tendency to douse oneself in in overwhelmingly floral fragrances and toward a more subtle approach to aroma. The feminine blend of peach, mandarin, jasmine, magnolia, and fresh berries was exactly what the public demanded. The sweet sensation of fruits with just a hint of floral that won’t overwhelm the senses is perfect for daily use. The perfumer Michel Sarne created Ghost having also designed the Gucci fragrance, Rush. Sarne was inspired to create Ghost from her memories of the vintage perfume Femme, which her mother wore. The curvy fragrance bottle housing the scent was inspired by the famous glassblower Vennini, who created a glass vase in a similar shape at the turn of the century. Ghost Perfumes launched Deep Night in 2001, offering a counterpart to the original for evening wear and less casual occasions, especially for those who aren’t great fans of dark, musky scents that are often re.mended for evening wear. Still fresh and invigorating like the original, this light scent offers greater depth for casual nighttime wear with a blend of peach, apricot, and vanilla. While also usable in the light of day, the evening breeze will bring out the best in this fragrance. Also introduced to Ghost Perfumes in 2001, Serenity offered a headier scent that created the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening or very special occasion. Darker than its sister fragrances, Serenity blends vetiver, tuberose, and Clementine to create a light floral scent with woodsy overtones. This musky blend is still light and refreshing while bringing a touch of sensuality to the aroma. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: