Gemstone Name Game Confusing Gem Stone Trade

Jewelry-Diamonds It is always .e to know to our knowledge general people only remember few names of gemstones. For instance Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and pearl. But recent time shows that customers are more aware of gemstone names and they now remember almost all birthstone gemstone names like Amethyst, Topaz, Garnet, Iolite and many more. But when you go to actual gemstone store you see many gemstones. Some time seller also not sure what it is and what it called. Even if he tells customer the exact name and customer think it is anew name to him then he might not purchase that item. Gemstones with difficult or confusing or obscure names are a hard sell to most of the average customer. Gemstones are in the odd position of having one name from the technical world of mineralogy and one name of the .mercial world or Trade World of jewelry. The name that works in one world rarely works in the other. Sometimes the problem is solved by having 2 names, such as red corundum and ruby. But it is not the one problem. the other thing is many people sell any stone in any other name and slowly it is popular in that name and people buy that stone by thinking that they are buying original stone but that are either buying a synthetic stone or some other similar looking stone substitute. The best is to ask your local jewelry fro that. Buying a expensive gemstone needed to be certified by gem testing lab so you know it is accurate trade and mineral name. For instance we take example of Tanzanite:- It’s a rare event when a gemstone is renamed for marketing reasons, as happened when Blue Zoisite was renamed to tanzanite by Tiffany & Co. ORIGIN OF THE NAME: This gemstone was first named as ‘Dumortierite’ by the Goan tailor who discovered it. But Tiffani & Co., the .pany renowned for dealing with gemstones, named it after the name of the place of origin of the gemstone. That is why it is now called Tanzanite as it was discovered in Tanzania. Second Example is An Arizona Ruby? That was once a well known name for pyrope garnet. Chalcedony – It is also known as Calcedony. Chrysolite – It is an additional name for peridot gemstone. Heliotrope – It is the additional name given to the gem known as ‘ Bloodstone’. Hematite . Micaceous hematite, Red ochre or ruddle, Kidney ore and Pencil ore are few names Iolite:- ichroite and Cordierite are the additional names. Jacinth – It is name given to Zircon semi precious gemstone that is green in colour. Jade the trade names Australian jade, Red jade and Indian jade while Jasper is named as Jasper jade, Oregon jade and Swiss jade. Jasper – Ribbon jasper, Orbicular jasper, Landscape jasper, Picture jasper and Zebra jasper are the misleading terms used in jewelry business. Kunzite – The trade names for this gem are Rose kunzite and pink sapphire. Lapis Lazuli :-Nevada lapis, Faience lapis, Italian lapis, Copper lapis and Canadian lapis. Malachite- The trade names for this gem are Emerald malachite, Blue malachite, Copper malachite and Siliceous malachite. Morganite:- Pink Beryl and Aka Morganite are the fancy names of Morganite gemstone. Spinel – The .mon trade names used for spinel are Balas rubies, Cobalt spinel, Pleonast, Rubicelle, Arizona spinel, Sapphire spinel and Kandy spinel. This is time we need to educate and make best name for gemstone as we may .e to know more name and make It popluar like Larimar, Uvavorite, , Moldavite, Ryrite Drusy, Cobalt Calcite, Mexican fire Agate, Pieterite, Serphinite, Rainbow Calsilica. And many more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: