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Interest stage was forced away from the user’s campus student loan was forced to upgrade the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beijing daily news (reporter Yue Pinyu) due to the emergence of a number of risk events as well as inherent moral criticism, the campus loan is not optimistic about the industry and regulators, for this reason, many campus loan platform was forced to transition. Yesterday, the campus loan interest installments announced, has suspended the campus to push the business, with the current campus users out of campus market turnover graduation stage, the future will focus on non credit card consumer finance business groups. Coincidentally, the wheat gold dress under the banner of the elite loans relevant responsible person said, although they did not intend to suspend the campus loan business, but business upgrade. In the view of analysts, tighter regulation under the background of the campus loan platform for transformation is the last ditch. It is understood that after the fun stage has been upgraded to become a fun shop group. Fun shop co-founder He Hongjia said that in early 2015, is interested in staging is no longer confined to the campus, and began the layout of non campus business, after the transformation of interest happened "group change" shop group user structure of such a qualitative change, at present has fully stopped campus promotion. Fun shop group of non campus users have been approaching 20 million, the user covers the white-collar, blue collar and other consumer groups. Transformation is not only a fun stage. Yesterday, the parent company of the relevant provisions of the company’s financial services to Beijing Business Daily reporter, said they did not intend to suspend the campus loan business, but will be upgraded. "We are entering the campus market early platform, the creation of original intention is to grant a business loan to young people have dreams, the brand after the upgrade is complete, we will expand the service to create groups of white-collar workers, young people love the financial services platform, extensive groups of young people. We will operate in accordance with the provisions of the policy part of the campus loan business, is committed to a reasonable solution to the financing needs of young people." The person in charge said. However, analysts view, because of the high interest rates and high non-performing rate become a hotbed of illegal collection and violent collection, resulting in the campus loan market negative ridden, these platform transformation is the last ditch. In fact, the recent regulatory tightening of the supervision of the campus loan. Held at the end of August the net loan regulations issued by the press conference, the CBRC spokesman said, intends to take the "five words" regulation policy on campus net loan, "stop, turn, whole, teach, guide". After a week, the Chongqing municipal finance office and other departments jointly issued a document, a list of eight negative list to the campus net loan, including students loans threshold, may not directly provide students with cash loans, not disguised usury etc.. Since then, Shenzhen, Shanghai, also in the name of the Internet Financial Association, requiring the campus net loan platform to do risk warning, strengthen the ability to repay the loan student loans and the use of audit. Senior researcher Suning Financial Research Institute Xue Hongyan said that with the rectification and standardization of P2P and the third party payment and other Internet Financial mainstream formats on the right track, regulators have a free hand to the secondary industry standard theory相关的主题文章: