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Fujian villagers recover stolen "flesh sitting Buddha" Holland collectors will be court – Sohu news in 2 days, Fujian province Sanming City county Wu Shan Cun, Yangchun Datian Dongpu will usher in a new year as lively "chapter six male patriarch Festival activities. This statue of the Buddha in the Song Dynasty Zuohua body has been dedicated to local for thousands of years, in December 15, 1995 found stolen. In March 2015, the Buddha caused widespread concern in Hungary at the Holland collector Oscar? Fanaofolimu immediately move out, Fujian villagers embarked on the road of transnational negotiation and litigation. In the village of Qinglong mountain spring, a recent repair "shine hall" is like the flesh chapter results for the temple. This is 21 years, although the results in chapter four Mami stolen, believers still worship such as instrument, incense constantly. China News Agency reporter visits found that the public was lost chapter back to local villages as well as the development of the county "ecological" subtle change. There are the hall of the villagers to discuss matters relating to the ceremony told reporters, "results in Chapter recourse", will be subject to the impact of the tide of economic and social development of rural "together". Retired teacher Lin wonderful music more than 70 year old as shining Hall of instructors, every obligation for foreign tourists after the ancient back. From the results of Buddha Hall and shining chapter of previous disaster, how to confirm the identification of exhibition that is confronted, the stolen meat Buddha — the expression of the old person is like the tone of these words on the court, the elderly have been suppressed for 20 years. "The Buddha was stolen second days, we went to various local groups separately, to visit the temples, to Fuzhou, Xiamen where the customs of stalking, even sent into the underground cultural relics market." Lin Yue said, he is our family, but also our spiritual sustenance, but we have no news for 20 years." The person in charge of the track Yangchun village Lin Wenqing told News Agency reporters, November 2015, spring village and Dongpu village committee authorized the Netherlands on behalf of all the villagers team of lawyers to recourse action. In mid October, the Holland court ruling requires the plaintiff to provide Fujian villagers for the amount of 2879 euros (1 euros, about 7.4 yuan) the court fees guarantee, the defendant Van O Flimm should respond to documents submitted before November 23rd. Lin Wenqing believes that van overeem purchased the flesh like behavior is not made in good faith, in accordance with law of Holland also have no right to have contained the remains of another buddha. "Chapter results with our spring villagers for thousands of years, has become a part of the life, he is our letter of good evil spirit Master Yan, is one of us." It is reported that van O Flimm had about the purchase process, the status quo of Buddha statues on issues such as media had a variety of claims, the respondent files will be the first time he responded to the demands of the villagers in the court of Fujian. 40 year old Lin Wenqing is not optimistic. His look is able to put the Buddha back in his village in the rest of life, "in a generation to do this thing". The field is a small town in the hinterland of the mountain fold in the distance, the capital of Fujian Province, Fuzhou nearly 3 hours. Like other Chinese rural tourism.相关的主题文章: