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Fu’an man was a meat grinder "bite" out of hand fire rushed to the success of the rescue Taiwan News Network October 7th 6 12:39 on the Gulf of Fu’an, Wu received the fire alarm: Wan Wu Zhen Fu Xi Cun man hand meat grinder "bite", in case of emergency. After receiving the alarm, bay fire quickly rushed to the scene disposal. At 12:50, the fire brigade arrived at the scene, the scene view, I saw the man left hand tightly stuck feeding mouth and drum in the meat grinder, blood along the feed meat grinder export to drop, the man looked very painful. According to the situation, decisive commander ordered: a soldier with a small cutting for cutting meat grinder cylinder lateral upper machine, implementation of rescue of the meat body, another soldier around. In order to prevent the process of cutting stuck by hand two damage, with cloth stuck hand, and continue to men’s psychological comfort. After more than 1 hours of effort, fire officers and men finally succeeded in removing the man’s left hand from the meat grinder cylinder, and then the man was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. The Fuzhou Herald reporter Lin Qin correspondent Lin Yanjun Ventura相关的主题文章: