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From the Arctic to the Antarctic, -6 remains original Sohu of Alaska tourism Inuit (Eskimo) of the culture travel in Alaska, in addition to enjoy its magnificent natural scenery, explore and experience the unique local culture is also indispensable in travel activities. The cultural connotation of the Arctic Indigenous peoples has a lot in common, so it is called "white culture" or "cold culture"". In many of the indigenous peoples in the Arctic, the most distinctive ethnic was the inuit. Especially their unique clothing, food, shelter, travel, and how to adapt to the harsh natural environment of the cold. Anchorage Alaska original heritage center is to understand and experience the best local Inuit culture. Here is different from the ordinary to the main exhibition of the museum, but also as far as possible the cause of Newt’s way of life, let visitors touch with life appliance animal fur, animal bones, wood or stone and experience, through the explanation and demonstration of the Inuit descendants, the Inuit life experience. Not only that, the daily fixed time there will be the Inuit traditional dance performances, more people on this mysterious and great people have some intuitive understanding. Above: the original Alaska heritage center door above: restored houses and tribal totem pole above: the interior of a building like the Inuit society and the traditional family life lived near the original life, they rely on hunting for food, every day, and go. Their social structure is relatively simple, there is no class concept. Not even the general village leaders, most known as leaders. Although their social life is simple, family life is very complicated. The marriage is usually monogamous, but in some areas is polygamy (from 2 to 3, which requires the husband wife) have a strong hunting ability, to ensure the supply of wives enough food. Although there is no hierarchy of social structure of the Inuit, but within the family is hierarchical. If there is a leader, the whole family must obey the leadership of the action. And between husband and wife, women absolutely obey the man, the man decided to family events. In addition, the younger listen to the old, the children must obey their parents. The Inuit are very good at maintaining a harmonious relationship between each other, although they are scattered, but the relationship between man and man is alienated. The people had to leave in search of food, but as long as possible, the Inuit people visit each other, exchanging gifts, singing, dancing, storytelling, religious activities etc.. The Inuit often work together, common entertainment, even eat and sleep together. In a civilised society, the concept of personal life, the Eskimo society is nonexistent. No matter who the children go home, eat and drink, like in their own homes. Above: the house hanging above the corner: seal the Reindeer Antlers above: the land of a wolf in housing bench super cold Inuit lived vast barren, extremely cold, the Inuit live perennial blowing strong thorn Q相关的主题文章: