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From Lacrosse hybrid to the volt general review of new energy technology Sohu in 2007 GM Group in Detroit released the volt concept car. After a lapse of nine years, the development of new energy automotive technology. The group is also developing new technologies that are more efficient and practical. Although the domestic market for the import of new energy vehicles subsidy for small high prices, the price is low, but China as one of the world’s largest car market, GM is still the concept of environmental protection into the Chinese, let’s look at the general group once the introduction of new energy technology in china. In 2008, GM released the first new energy vehicles — 2008 Lacrosse hybrid cars in china. And through the Shanghai GM localization production. Price of 269 thousand and 900 yuan, the market is not large. The gasoline electric hybrid cars and gasoline vehicles using the same 2.4L four cylinder engine, with motor and battery, the nominal fuel consumption per hundred kilometers 8.3L, saving more than 15% than petrol vehicles. But at that time as a result of hybrid cars for new things, while the price is low, most consumers can not afford to pay for it. The launch of a new generation of lacrosse after a year, Shanghai GM launched a hybrid version of the new generation, and renamed the lacrosse eAssist, the overall design is basically the same with gasoline version. EAssist nominal comprehensive 100 km fuel consumption is 7.2L, city traffic jams than gasoline vehicle fuel 30%. A new generation of lacrosse replaced the four cylinder 2.4L SIDI direct injection engine, a hybrid version of the same eAssist. Drive motor power is only 15kw, can not drive the vehicle alone, which is commonly known as the "light mix", the motor is only to provide additional power to reduce engine fuel consumption and play a role in the recovery of kinetic energy. At the same time using lithium batteries can reduce the volume and weight. In 2009 the introduction of the third generation of Escalade Hybrid at the time was shocking enough, a full-size American luxury SUV also pay attention to environmental protection and energy saving. Also changed the people on the market at the time of the hybrid car configuration low cost performance impression. In fact, due to lower hybrid fuel consumption, Escalade’s potential consumers are more willing to pay for it. As the American full-size luxury SUV, must be equipped with large displacement V8 engine is authentic. But in the hybrid power system and closed cylinder technology blessing, this 6.0L beast integrated fuel consumption is only 11.2L. Compared with the ordinary family car is not low, but to know that this is a length of more than 5.1m, the weight of nearly 2.8 tons of U.S. oil tiger "". Escalade Hybrid will be located in the two EVT drive motor CVT, the integrated power of 248kw, peak torque of 498Nm, 0-100km h acceleration also reached 8.7s. 300V large capacity battery arranged in a rear seat, thanks to the Escalade huge body, the battery does not occupy other space in the car. ?相关的主题文章: