From Asbo To J-lo, Personalised Hoodies Rock-mmhouse

UnCategorized When so called ‘Hoodies’ made their emergence onto the modern fashion scene back in the 1970s, the era of hip-hop and gangster rap, they were at first more associated with ASBOs than fashion here in the UK, and the young people that wore them were often viewed tenuously with some suspicion. But now the Hoodie is an essential item of many people’s wardrobes, and they’re selling like the proverbial hotcakes. But Hoodies are not a new idea, not even when they made their re-emergence in the 70s. You have to go back in time to the Middle-Ages, when Catholic monks wore outfits that included a baggy style of tunic with a hood sewn on to it. And as far as more modern fashion goes; in the 1930s an American outfit by the name of Champion Sportswear marketed a Hoodie which had been designed specifically for guys working in freezing cold warehouses. The hooded sweatshirt then became really popular in the 1970s both through the music scene, and release of the first Rocky films, with Sylvester Stallone sporting his grey Hoodie as he trained for his epic fight with Apollo Creed. Today the Hoodie is in great demand, having transcended its humble beginnings to now a piece of iconic fashion-wear. The trendy top can be found in both men’s and women’s wardrobes in the form of either a hooded sweatshirt or jacket. They are multi-purpose garments being warm to wear, great for keeping your head out of the rain, and indispensable as an item of fashion. They .e in a huge variety of styles, materials and colours, but the ultimate designs are the new personalised Hoodies that you can now buy from many online outlets. The do it yourself design factor means that you can now have individually personalised Hoodies that are unique to you. How does the design gimmick work? Well, if you go online and carry out a search for ‘UK personalised sweatshirts or Hoodies’ you’ll get a search engine report page with loads of potential suppliers to choose from. Pick out the ones that specify they offer a personalisation service and that are based here in the UK, then go and visit their websites. The best websites will have a special design tool that allows you to pick the size, style and colour that you’re looking for, (you can mix up your own colour palette of some sites), specify the message or logo that you want, and you’re away. The wonderful things about these design tools, (and you can use them for other garments on the website too), is that they are very user friendly and easy to use, and you get to see how your design looks before you place your order. You can order and pay securely online too, so you manage the whole process from the convenience of your own home. Personalised Hoodies are not only bought by individuals like you and me, but they are also bought for use as team sportswear too. It’s all part of team identification and team bonding. So, you can see that the Hoodie has .e a long way from its humble beginnings as priest wear in the Middle Ages; its shaken off its 70’s bad boy image, and is it’s now the trendy accessory for millions of men, women, boy, girls, and sports teams the world over. To create your own unique design simply get online, order the design of your choice and you’ll have your unique personalised Hoodie delivered to your door in just 2 to 3 days. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: