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Foreign media: China nuclear submarines served for 42 years without an accident 095 (Figure) – Sohu has launched military channel page first: China Submarine Service 42 years before the accident [Abstract] China first Type 091 nuclear submarines entered service in 1974, the submarine was decommissioned in 2000, and now the submarine has been stationed in the Naval Museum is located in Qingdao port the exhibition will be open to the public. There are foreign media attention to this matter, and reported that in 42 years of action, China’s nuclear submarine nuclear reactor accident has never occurred. At present, the Chinese Navy new type 095 submarine has been launched. Type 095 submarine simulator photos circulated on the Internet showed a simulated bridge, a device and a computer control system, the new system is designed to make the future combat crew familiar with the boat. Lin and Singer also pointed out that the simulator will be used to test the crew in combat and mechanical emergency group, and through the simulation feedback to improve the combat system". The picture shows the spread of the Chinese Navy 095 nuclear submarine schematic. Reference News Network reported on November 10th: foreign media said that the first time in the Chinese media reports of their nuclear submarines 3 years later, China has recently publicly exhibited the country’s first nuclear submarine. The plan has been revealed in their 2013 campaign. At the same time, this type of "Long March 091" nuclear submarine has been achieved non militarization (open and take away the nuclear reactor, and then re assembled) and after cleaning, available for exhibition. This process is costly, so far, only the United States (1965 submarine "Nautilus") and France (2002 "awesome" ballistic missile submarine) do. According to the American strategy page website reported on November 8th, in the construction of nearly 10 years after the first 091 Chinese submarine entered service in 1974. The submarine retired in 2000. 091 nuclear submarines, a total of 5, of which 3 are still in service. The theme of the media campaign in 2013 was that during the 42 years of operation, China’s nuclear submarine had never experienced a nuclear reactor accident. This is an indirect reference to the Russians, because Russia is the only nuclear submarine nuclear accident occurred in the country, in part, most of the world’s nuclear submarines are built in russia. So far, about 400 nuclear submarines have been built in the world, most of which are made in russia. Reported that, in combat, a nuclear submarine is used only once (in 1982, a British attack submarine sank a ship Argentina cruiser). China currently has 12 active nuclear submarines (8 attack submarines, and the 4 ballistic missile submarines). China’s offensive nuclear submarine is loud and unreliable. China’s attack submarines rarely go to sea, which is why they did not have a nuclear accident. China’s ballistic missile nuclear submarine is basically an enlarged attack submarine, has never conducted combat patrols, only short-term training tasks. Extended reading: Chinese’s first nuclear submarine has been completely retired nuclear China 70 submarines were stationed in the museum that performance is not strong U.S. media said the 095 coming (Figure) page second: People’s Liberation Army type 095 nuclear submarines have been launched.相关的主题文章: