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To find the method, pregnant more easily – a few days ago to visit China Sohu maternal health maternity hospital infertility treatment center of the doctor, the doctor said that when chatting, young people are really not easy, every day busy for work. Recently there is a young man, in a hurry to find me, said he and his wife are healthy but is pregnant is very difficult, ask me to have what method. The doctor gave a few suggestions, the young man satisfied to go back, for this matter, he and the company a day off. Hearing this, I asked the doctor how to improve the pregnancy rate, which is not only for my own knowledge, I would like to record it to share with more people. Pay attention to women’s health, you can also join the women’s health group, speak freely, exchange ideas, let you become a senior treasure mother healthy woman. Q group: 424940962. The doctor said, want to improve the pregnancy rate, first of all, to carry out the necessary eugenics examination, the examination of male and female should be carried out, eugenics examination can be found early, avoid the risk of fertility. Male semen detection is also an important, sperm health is a normal fertilized eggs, an important guarantee for embryo health. If there is a problem, then the pregnancy rate will be greatly reduced. Daily smoking and drinking will affect the quality of sperm, so it is necessary to detect semen. Due to the frequency of sexual intercourse. The formation of semen is requires a long process, if too frequent sexual intercourse, semen loss is too large, the new generation of semen can not be supplemented in time, will cause the semen scarce, significantly reduced the number of sperm, sperm quantity quality will decline, the probability of fertilization will be greatly affected. The female to grasp the best time of pregnancy, pregnancy time had great effects on the pregnancy rate of female cervical mucus secretion, become transparent, drawing of variable length is the time of conception, general such situation will last about a week. In addition, ovulation test paper can be used to help women understand the cervical mucus to achieve the best period of pregnancy. The mood is very important, don’t rush to get to look too heavy, anxious to eat hot tofu, a couple is often counterproductive, it is the best way, thank you for your attention, more information, you can also pay attention to: m.83152222, the Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital official website regularly to push your pregnancy, pregnancy and related preparation postpartum and health care knowledge will we. If you have any questions, please call the hotline: 0431-83152222, we will be based on your situation to make targeted guidance.相关的主题文章: