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Football Fernando Gago is experiencing its worst since joining Real Madrid for a season of darkness, he wounded three times, a league season, playing time will be over 100 minutes, but he has ushered in a period of life, the sweetest love. Dulko tennis star Fernando Gago will be married in July.Gago sidelined with Football Shirt injuries last year, the stage, Dulko into the Gago’s life, the two quickly fall in love and live together. Last November, with Gago and Dulko openly walk the dog out, does not care about paparazzi camera. Fernando Gago had a hair cut, just as elegant on the pitch lost, adding some sunshine. In the southern hemisphere’s spring, Gago and Dulko in the sun kissing wantonly to enjoy the sweetness of love. Dulko, 26 years old, Bi Jiage year older, hot body, looks attractive, has a "mermaid"in the title, has worked with Tommy Robredo, Fernando Verdasco, Gonzales and other dating tennis star. 3 years for her boyfriend of 4 Dulko, had also once considered a "WTA first wave of women. " But after the ups and downs, Dulko Gago who la liga kits finally found a home. They decided to marry in July of this year, Dulko also announced two private blog, photo.Dulko will not participate in 7 the month of Argentina in Japan in the Confederations Cup in Japan, because Japan is certainly not related to nuclear radiation, but Dulko and Fernando Gago to be married and honeymoon, enjoy two of the world.Meanwhile, Fernando Gago and therefore can not determine the finalists Batista Argentina national team to participate in July’s Copa America held in Argentina.For Gago, it can not participate in the America’s Cup, or even the summer may be cleaning out the team Real Madrid, this is not a small blow. However, in other words, what can be even more spirits than the wedding then, perhaps marriage, Fernando Gago will be re-Hwan past glory, not next season, a pandemic can not say it. Colin Sebastian of today’s Brazil, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo state league, the Brazilian goalkeeper Cheney scored a famous landmark goal, the field of his free kick was the 100th of his career goals.Breakthrough teammates won Kicks, when Cheney went to the front, and stood before the ball, teammates, and he did not rob, we all know Brazil goalkeeper footwork. Sure enough, Dick Cheney run-up, the ball into the real Madrid shirts perfect arc, the dead ball into the goal!Run and goal Houqie Ni strip excited to celebrate, booked at the expense of his football as a whole, this is a historic moment. As a goalkeeper, scored 100 goals, which is really a myth. In Cheney’s official website published personal data, these 100 goals in detail the classification, including 44 penalties, 55 goals from free kicks, plus warfare goals. As a goalkeeper, so "attack"is really staggering.In addition, Cheney goal of the game, won 75 games, the other 22 games a draw, losing only 3 games. Cheney, 38, is worth mentioning that, since 1992, his entire career were spent in Sao Paulo a team.In football history Ronaldo Shirt score many famous goalkeeper Higuita Colombia, Paraguay, Chilavert, Germany Butt (good at penalty kick), Mexico, Campos, etc., but these people .pared to Cheney in terms of superior goals, 100 goals for a striker who is a remarkable achievement, let alone a keeper. FIFA and the International Federation of Football History and Statistics of the clear, but again identification Cheney: scoring the most goals in the history of the goalkeeper. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: