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Fee installments, the highest 6 easy burden of sina finance > credit card; > > promotions; the installment fee waiver, the highest 6 easy burden     08 2016 30 August   10:19    banks: Industrial Bank time: October 31, 2016 Venue: during the time August 1, 2016 -10 31 activities, for customers who through our online banking, mobile phone banking, mobile phone text messages, and take the initiative to call the customer service counter outlets for RMB or USD, consumer installment billing transactions, single installment amount over $20 thousand and reaches the specified number, will receive fee waiver: the number of 18 relief 3 fee, issue number up to 24 reduction 4 fee period amounted to 36 6 fee remission period. Registration method SMS registration: during the event, the cardholder uses the mobile phone registered in the system to send the registration code CCCF to 95561, the bank received a reply message as a successful registration. Activity rules 1, this event is limited to meet the conditions for the main phases for me in my bank card customers through mobile phone registration system during the event to send text messages before it can participate in the registration, the subsidiary card, business card, industrial standard card and enjoy card customers can not handle consumer installment, installment billing business. If the customer’s phone number midway replacement, you need to re register. 2, during the event specified by the activities of the channel to meet the requirements of the period, the amount of the requirements of the RMB or US dollar consumption installments, billing installments can be included in the activity statistics. 3, into the stage to stage for statistical transaction time, consumer business need to apply for 17:00 in 1 days before the day before the bill, the bill stage business in 17:00 the current bill bill date to the next day due date before 1 days before (including due date). Apply for payment by installments, net transaction processing time online payment transaction time. 4, fee waiver: the event fee waiver by the operation received after the first return way, activity fees will begin to reduce in January 2017, to the eligible last installment transaction fee accounts within two months after the completion of reduction. A fee is the sum of the transaction by the number of hours of the transaction. 5, if the customer in fee waiver application will be staging early repayment and transaction application fee returned, in reduced amount in accordance with the previous exemption fee deduct the amount. 6, to participate in the activities of the statistics of the transaction shall not participate in the same period of the other stages of activities organized by the bank.   7, the customer involved in this activity must comply with the relevant provisions of the industrial bank credit card installment business terms. The Industrial Bank reserves the right to amend and interpret the contents of the activities within the scope of the law.   welcome to share:相关的主题文章: