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Fashion-Style How many times has a woman gone to the closet to look for something to wear and found nothing? Through the millennia, this is always been a dilemma for a woman. It’s in the DNA. Another dilemma is finding the right shoes to wear with the right outfits. Those .fortable sneakers cannot be worn with everything. Heels can’t be worn with everything. But there is one piece of footwear that continues to reign supreme when it .es to wearing casual clothes, dresses, even evening wear. It’s the unpretentious but always fashionable pair of ladies cowboy boots. Here are a few tips on how to .bine your cowboy boots to create various looks and fetch approving looks from Fashionistas from coast to coast as well as in the old west: -Cowboy boots with jeans is the most classic way to wear a pair of cowboy boots. Cowboy boots and jeans can be dressed up or dressed down but the two go together so well it’s like having cream in your coffee or biscuits and gravy. Any cut of jean will do whether it’s a boot cut with a little flair at the bottom or straight cut for a sleek, slim look. -Cowboy boots with a dress is still a fashionable .bination. This look has never lost its appeal for the young and the hip or the older and knowledgeable woman. During the day, a short dress with a ladies cowboy boot is really chic. A longer skirt or dress worn with cowboy boots gives a look of sophistication. Cowboy boots are worn with evening wear without skipping a fashion beat with young and old. -Cowboy boots with leggings and tights is reserved for the younger crowd and retains a fashionable, hip look for daytime wear. Wearing brightly colored tights or leggings under a plain pair of cowboy boots with a simple dress or skirt is a perfect look in colder weather. -Don’t wear a total cowboy themed look unless you are going to a place where it appropriate such as a country and western dance or club. Don’t wear cowboy boots with a loud outfit–keep the boots understated so the outfit does not .pete with the feet. Don’t wear them every day to give your look some variety and freshness. Sneakers can’t be worn every day either. They need a day or two off as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: