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Even the bed according to the sun! Xuan Dong Gao Yunxiang wedding anniversary, a big show of affection even dare to bask in bed photos! Xuan Dong Gao Yunxiang wedding anniversary big show loving Gao Yunxiang, Gao Yunxiang, Xuan Dong intimate photo of August 21st Xuan Dong married 5 anniversary of the day, in the afternoon, Xuan Dong drying out the cake, flowers in micro-blog, and the husband loving photo to celebrate. She wrote at micro-blog: "in the women’s volleyball team won the day, we ushered in the five anniversary of the double 8.21 is really happy! In the morning back the other brother Xiang, poof ha ha ha! He said postpartum yoga is not a white silk drop." Gao Yunxiang foot gift in a photo, Gao Yunxiang reveal only two legs, was an important part of the quilt over, he stretched out the gift on the foot, the action is so difficult and strange, netizens have commented that "no pants"; another photo, Xuan Dong on the Gao Yunxiang tip, two intimate photo, very affectionate. Micro-blog cake is issued, users have a message to send blessings, "Chinese women’s volleyball team is the best, you must be happy"; "this loving show, I give out"; "I love the Xuan sister should have been happy". Xuan Dong Gao Yunxiang met Togata Toshiro, eyes charming Gao Yunxiang in the new version of the "jade goddess of mercy" in it will discuss girls favor, but a program in the play outside, but he blew: "I this person is not chasing girls, girls own daozhui. I like passive." Two people met at a friend’s party, Xuan Dong’s decency impressed Gao Yunxiang. "At that time is met at a friend’s party, Xuan Dong did not speak very well, even loquacious, female friends are love, not to mention me?" said Gao Yunxiang, "Yu Guanyin" Yang Rui an angle contributed to this affair he and Xuan Dong: "the role of Yang Rui has changed me a lot. If I do not play Yang Rui, according to my character should not go after Xuan Dong, I can not stand the man can not stand." Xuan Dong is a showbiz rare three "men don’t smoke or drink no nightclubs in praising Gao Yunxiang, his considerate let Xuan Dong very touched, will be in the middle of the night to go out and buy a bag of food slipped in the car with Xuan Dong to eat the crew. Xuan Dong is from a completely not cook who becomes a chef. Gao Yunxiang attended the "New Jade Guanyin" conference in Chengdu, Xuan Dong flew to Chengdu to meet with Gao Yunxiang, and generous admitted: "we are really in love!" it is understood that the reason why the two announced romance, it is because the day before the online exposure of two people "wedding", saying they have been married. Even a lot of two friends are called to care about whether they get married, so the two simply face reporters, a clear. Gao Yunxiang said: "I am not a love to hide, Xuan Dong is also a straightforward girl. It will be announced when." Xuan Dong talked about Gao Yunxiang’s romantic and unforgettable, "said he lied to me a walk or back when I open the curtains, then I open the curtains on the windows that says’ marry me! ‘I was surprised to say nothing." Today, two people married and Tim Meng baby, can be described as a family of very happy and sweet, I hope they have been happy oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ three相关的主题文章: