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Coffee When it’s time for that morning (or evening) cup of coffee, it is best to use coffee beans that are fresh right off the grinder. Coffee drinkers will always tell you that the taste and aroma is best when you use freshly ground beans. TIP: Did you know that keeping your coffee beans (and even pre-ground coffee such as Folgers) in the freezer will protect and preserve freshness and longevity? When exposed to air, ground coffee will lose flavor and aroma. That’s why it is important to grind only what you need at the moment. While the above freezing tip can preserve your ground beans for longer periods of time, nothing beats the flavor and aroma of the freshly ground bean. If you do elect to store the ground coffee make sure; 1.) The container is completely dry with no moisture or condensation. 2.) The container is airtight. A sealable lid is best as covering it with plastic wrap will not make an airtight seal. 3.) Refrigerate or freeze immediately. There are three main types of grinders you can use on whole coffee beans. These three types of grinders we will be discussing are the conical burr, the burr grinder, and the electric blade. 1.) The Conical Burr Grinder The conical burr grinder is the superior choice in preserving the flavor and smell of the coffee. You can alter the speed of the grinding from a rapid to a much slower pace. It produces a very nice texture. Heat and ground beans don’t work well together. Heat dissipates the flavor and aroma so selecting a slower speed is best. This prevents some grinding machines from becoming overheated. The Conical Burr is also better for a wider variety of coffee makers and expresso machines. It’s speed is usually around 500rpm or less. 2.) The Burr Grinder Burr Grinders are much faster with speeds ranging from 10-20k rotations per minute. These types of grinders are a favorite for home use because they are fast and economical. In contrast to the Conical Burr grinder you will not be able to achieve as fine of grinding. They will, however, put out a decent final product for the price. 3.) Blade Grinders In comparison to the Conical and Burr Grinders, the Blade Grinder is the fastest one available today. Their speeds typically reach between 25k and 30k rpms. Because of this speed, Blade Grinders will give you an end product that contains coffee granules that are both small and large in size. When grinding coffee in a Blade Grinder there is a dust that will form. This dust can clog some machines (especially presses and expresso makers). Therefore it is best to use Blade Grinders in drip coffee makers. Your grinder choice is only half of the equation though. You must consider all of the details regarding the coffee machine you use as well. Consider the economics (not everyone needs a $500 coffee maker!). Check out how easy it is to clean and maintain the processor. It’s not fun if you have to spend 10 minutes every morning cleaning the machine. Also consider the noise level. If you’re up at 4AM grinding coffee you don’t want to wake the whole house! If you combine a good choice in your grinder selection with some common sense about your coffee processor you can achieve gourmet results without breaking the bank. You’ll have fresher coffee all the time and save some money in the process. So stop buying that expensive ground coffee that’s been sitting on a shelf. Invest in a good coffee grinder and start enjoying that good cup of Joe every morning! About the Author: Dale Cook is a freelance writer and advisor to the Article Fountain. The Article Fountain provides a FREE online directory for article authors and publishers, as well as, a host of FREE resources. Check them out today at ..articlefountain.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: