Enjoy the snow season equipment Kumho winter tire 9c8947

Enjoy the snow season in winter season is equipped with Kumho tire, although the winter now looks too good, but the climate determines the characteristics of the northeast and northwest regions, after the beginning of autumn weather has one layer cooler, into September, the temperature gradually decreased, the snow season was about to pull the curtain. For most of the climate, all season tires can be competent for the owners of escort duties. However, their performance in different seasons is very average. The original design of the winter tire is in the adhesion of small ground (mostly snow covered road) and low temperature environment can still maintain grip. A group of data from the third party evaluation showed that in the snow pavement braking test, the performance of the winter tire is better than the whole season tire 22%, its braking distance in the snow pavement is less than 6m. On acceleration, the results of winter tires are significantly better than the four seasons. Acceleration and braking, is the most intuitive manifestation of different tire grip. Better grip not only ensures the smooth running of the vehicle, but also has better stability and maneuverability. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the winter tire in the northern cold area, which can improve the safety of driving in winter. And four tire is different, the pattern of winter tires more dense, and many lines are designed according to the particularity of the ice road. At the same time, winter tire rubber formulations are more flexible than the four seasons. For passenger cars, Kumho tire Wei Chi WI61 winter winter tires and applicable to the SUV Kumho tire Wei Chi winter WS61 is such a high performance two. These two tires are using a combination of rubber and aramid fiber optimized combination of unique formula makes the tire surface is more flexible, effectively protect the grip of the tire in low temperature environment. The WI61 is designed with high density and small groove, and the central groove of the V type makes the vehicle can prevent the sliding of the transverse direction of the groove in the turning direction. The asymmetric tread pattern is designed to improve the handling performance of the tire by improving the drainage performance on the wet road surface. The wide and stable design of the outer block ensures the stability of the running. The design of SUV WS61 has a unique "Z" shaped groove design, which makes the maximum drainage performance tires, while improving the traction of wetland. At the same time the rib of the center block optimization design, improving high speed straight running performance.     (WI61) on the handling and braking, these two Wei winter winter tire also has a professional design and upgrading. WI61 uses tread grooves hair design, WS61 through the tire contour design of laterally, by increasing the ice road pavement grounding area to improve the control performance of tire. These two tires are also used 3D groove design, increase the rigidity of the pattern block, thereby enhancing the ice and snow road friction and grounding performance. The aramid fiber is the two winter tire on ice and snow road brake to improve the performance of the "secret weapon": the design of WI61 dropper groove ice road maximum performance, the WS61 also uses a high rigidity matrix skeleton material, effectively prevent the crack due to external shocks, improve the durability of the tire. X相关的主题文章: