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Writing When you dress, you take pains to ensure that your clothes match, the sleeve length is just so, the collar is right and your shoes and socks are in consonance with the rest of your clothes. When you dine, you check for appearance, texture, flavor, aroma and taste. The salt in your food, spices, sweet and sour tastes must all be in perfect balance. Why? Simple. Correctness is essential, whether it is in appearance, deportment, relationships or food. It is also quite essential when you use English language. Most people write as they speak. While speaking it is acceptable to use modifiers in profusion and begin sentences with adverbs. You may use a lot of phrases that actually do not contribute anything to the subject matter. While writing text with English correct grammar, bloat ware is not acceptable. In your hurry to finish the document you may make use of double negatives, introduce redundancies, make use of phrases where a word would suffice and so on. The reason why grammar must be correct is for your sentences to convey exactly what you mean. Improper usage and out of context placement can lead readers to draw wrong inferences. Verbosity, in its way, can detract attention and cause irritation, especially when you are drawing up business documents that much say a lot with precision and in brief. Correct English grammar is also pleasant and sounds as well as feels better. If you use active tenses, your text sounds so much more interesting compared to passive tenses that can sound dull and boring. Writers seem to think that a profusion of adverbs and adjectives add color to text. However, where many go wrong is in the choice of inappropriate use of adjectives and adverbs in reference to the syntax. If your grammar is right then there is a flow to sentences and progression of ideas from one paragraph to the other. If not, you lose your way and, worse, confuse your readers, conveying quite negative impression. Grammar is a specialized field. There are rules and rules governing sentence construction, use of nouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions and adjectives. You must know the relation between clauses and phrases. The most common confusion arises in the use of Who, Whom, whoever, who, that and which and also in the use of homonyms. You will not find it practicable to learn grammar since it takes years to learn the finer points of English correct grammar that has evolved over centuries and has several interconnected rules. A simple, easy way to ensure your grammar is right is to use an online free tool that checks your text. With advanced artificial intelligence and a huge database of language tools inbuilt into the tool, the checker analyzes each sentence and paragraph and makes the right suggestions. Use it any number of times and be assured that each time, your writing gains in polish. See more at: ..nounplus../ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: