Electric ride fees against the interests of farmers by Harbin water YanZha-baxia

Harbin thorough investigation of water and electricity charges against the interests of farmers behavior reporter learned from the Municipal Agricultural Commission, according to the day before the introduction of the "the city to carry out against the interests of farmers and collective economic organizations funded management issues such as the special rectification work plan", Harbin city on the water and electricity charges in fees assessed or acts against the interests of the peasants will give severely punished. "Program" proposed to focus on the inspection of arbitrary charges and fees. For rural compulsory education in the compulsory purchase supplementary materials, insurance, charge meals and other problems by semester; family planning in the field of social compensation fee collection procedures are not standardized, or in the name of all kinds of charge planning investigation fee, deposit, and mandatory accreditation services, ride fees and other issues; farmers focus on examination in addition to land and housing the ownership certificate fee charged other fees; the purchase of agricultural subsidies in the ride fees, compulsory service fees and other issues; farmers to apply for other expenses of marriage registration key check in charge of the marriage registration certificate fee; the funeral service charges beyond the standard, item violation charges and binding, mandatory service charges and other issues; rural reform focus on examination of arbitrary charges to farmers and to the village organization charges and luantanpai problems; farmers receive water and electricity Apportion or ride fee charges, water and electricity and other aggravating farmer burden problem; construction of village and township highway inspections to farmers or village collective apportion money problems. According to the agriculture kulak policy implementation, "plan" put forward, this year will be devoted to the running of the village level organization, management and use of funds allocated to carry out inspections, to ensure the running of the village level organization funds minimum security standards, focus on examination at all levels of borrowing, interception, misappropriation of village level security funds and other misconduct, and the relevant departments of the township government, concentrated on borrowing against the interests of the organization of village in the name of behavior, and corrected according to policies and regulations; the implementation of the subsidy policy of inspection, focus on examination of food subsidies, production subsidies, comprehensive seed subsidies, farm machinery purchase subsidy and subsidy funds are timely and full payment to farmers, and severely punish the problems of withholding and misappropriating, lag dial a variety of Huinong strong agricultural subsidies, special subsidies in subsidies "ride Charging or placing commodities. (source: Harbin News Network – Harbin daily) (author: Huo Liang)相关的主题文章: