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During the Mid Autumn Festival will continue to Beijing highway car blocked road – Beijing announced the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the traffic control department is expected in September 15, 16 days in the morning hours, the highway out of Beijing direction will show a continued car; 16, 17 days afternoon, expressway to Beijing direction traffic is relatively concentrated. Wednesday, September 14th is the last working day before the Mid Autumn Festival, the evening peak time will be in advance. As part of the unit, the school will be a holiday, noon time in the North Fourth Ring Road in Zhongguancun, as well as apricot stone mouth road, Yongding road and other regional traffic congestion may occur. 18 Sunday normal work, but the vehicle is not subject to restrictions on the number of license plate limit measures, all day traffic stress. September 17th morning, held a marathon in the city, passing through Haidian, Xicheng, Dongcheng, Chaoyang District Road, will have an impact on regional traffic. Urban congested road sections from the past two years, the purchase of seafood during the Mid Autumn Festival, a substantial increase in passenger traffic. Fengtai glory road, new, Haidian four crossing area, the most concentrated congestion alarm. Especially the glory road traffic line from north to south, tail come to South Sanhuan Zhaogongkou bridge, and the east-west direction auxiliary road and the main road congestion caused by export, increasing South Sanhuan line. Also during the festival to the South Sanhuan Muxiyuan District, Southeast Sanhuan Shili River business district traffic is very concentrated, so that transit vehicles should try to choose the south city of Victoria, Liu Xiang Lu adjacent bypass road etc.. Due to frequent transport of goods, roads surrounding a large wholesale market and logistics center, especially the southern region of the Yellow River Road, Yilu group, Beijing Liang Road, South Sanhuan Yuquanying bridge area, the car prone to slow situation. Much influenced by surrounding large wholesale markets and logistics center car south of Beijing Liang Road intersection, the Langfa fan sheep crossing, new bridge, prone to running sluggish, easy to jam, the time for the morning of 7 pm to 10 pm, 15 pm to 20 p.m. the afternoon. Transit vehicle can the south rings, Jingkaigaosu, Huang Liang first lane. Jingkaigaosu Road, new road, easy to jam, the period of 7 to 9 pm, 16 PM to 19 pm. Transit vehicles can bypass Jingkaigaosu road. Fengtai District Wanping City and Lugou Bridge, famous for another one of the famous "lugouxiaoyue. During the Mid Autumn Festival, tourists come in a continuous line, at 19 PM to 21 PM, Beijing high-speed Road West Port Road, by the public focus to Lugou Bridge area to celebrate, there may be driving slow situation. Wanping City and Lugou Bridge area parking conditions are very limited, a friend recommends going to take public transportation, or to try to avoid it. In addition, a number of municipal park in the Mid Autumn Festival moon day also launched a number of activities, including the Jingshan Hill, Shichahai and the surrounding areas of Beihai, the surrounding is within the city most easily congested area, weekend afternoon and evening by going to Beihai, Houhai tourism traffic concentration effect, easy to cause an road section double direction, two-way street outside other sections slowly avenue to bridge factory. Transit vehicles can bypass the North Second Ring Road, the earth. Easy to plug the high-speed section of Beijing Tibet high speed supernatant bridge Liu相关的主题文章: