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Drink drink: Sohu – wonderful rules compiled Wang | Wine online wisdom as we all know, the wine is to comply with the local laws and regulations, can not be too arbitrary. In fact, some drink too, has written some of the conventional, let us put it down in black and white, to look at what, as you may know, may not know, the world wine rules: 1 Hungary: watch out cup general toast, for attention will strike two cups, but there are few in Hungary. To do so. The legend of the Hungarian Revolution in thirteen martyrs in Austria Empire were Arad executed when their enemies had knocked cup celebration. The citizens to commemorate them, to celebrate in one hundred and fifty years, will celebrate the rapping cup. Today, one hundred years ago, but it is still rare to do so. 2 Korea: drink with respect of Obama, remember, drink soju with both hands to show respect for people, pouring hands, how to bottle is meticulous and exquisite, is pouring person to the hands holding the cup. 3 Pennsylvania: ask your wife to the state of Pennsylvania has a strange law has been for decades, the written consent of men must hold a wife in the alcoholic beverage to buy any form of it. 4 Kansas: it’s against the law to put down your teacup in Kansas, USA, and use any shape of a cup of tea. 5 Utah: do not drink liquor where Utah state law supermarkets, convenience stores and hold beer sales licensing pubs, bars and restaurants selling beer alcohol should not exceed 4% (by volume) or 3.2% (by weight). More than 4% of the beer is available only in a handful of state liquor stores and restaurants with special liquor sales licenses, clubs can sell. 6: Georgia must have drink not a good drinker who don’t go to Georgia, Georgia has such a rule in the traditional Georgian dinner. To be after the guests can begin drinking a toast master. The master in the "speech below I respect you a cup" in general to speak for 15 minutes, and then the guests must be in front of a glass of wine in one gulp… This is just the beginning, it is said that Georgian toast must find all can find the reason, from a dozen to oh. 7 France: waste utilization Napoleon has set a law requiring French winemakers to hand over their wine to the army every year for up to 1%. Although they no longer make wine, but also the winemaker peel, core and press the rest of the hand, made for industrial alcohol. 8 Pope’s New Castle: do not welcome the famous French Pope of the New South African region of the newly issued law expressly provides that the prohibition of any alien spacecraft landed or taken off in their vineyards, pretending not to pass by. So, go to the Pope’s new castle to drink, to hide the identity of your Mars bar. From the original: Vivino micro signal: WINECLOS | wine tourism are | delicacy相关的主题文章: