Dried fruit Pound Cake – Sohu to eat and drink pork face

Dried fruit Pound Cake – Sohu eat dried fruit pound cake is rich in all kinds of dried fruits and nuts, this is rich in dried fruit pound cake baked into the refrigerator after a few days to eat the taste will be better. The reason is that the fruits and nuts of the aroma into the cake, each cake is full of dried fruit smell, this feeling is simply too happy. On their own time to do some candied orange peel, used to make bread cake and pastry taste super praise; a piece of cake in the mouth to eat mouth is the flavor of dried fruits, can be described as baking brings another kind of happiness. Pound cake for a long time, as long as the pound cake sealed with a plastic wrap, so that it can be isolated from the air and moisture, but also can be more than two packs of plastic wrap, so at least in the refrigerator can save 2-3 weeks. I personally like to eat a soft pound cake, usually I will be placed at room temperature for 20-60 minutes back to the temperature, personally feel quite delicious taste. Of course, you can also cut directly eat, so taste more solid, it is random, as long as there is delicious. Material: 90G butter, sugar 90G, egg 75G, low gluten flour 90G, baking powder 1G, dried cranberries 20G, dried mango 20G, 30G 30G, walnut, raisins and candied peel 30G method: 1 Figure 1- raisins, dried mango, dried cranberries soak in warm water for about 15 minutes, and then use the kitchen paper dry excess water, and candied tangerine peel, roasted walnut into small chunks. Figure 2 2- at room temperature with a scraper and mix the butter into sugar. Figure 3 3- with an electric whisk butter and sugar until light and fluffy white color volume, then adding 5 times the egg sent. Figure 4 4- every time when to add in egg and stir until butter is completely absorbed the egg before adding the next volume. Figure 5 1- egg and butter sent after the sieve into the flour and baking powder. 6 figure 2- mixed with a spatula to no particle. 7 Figure 3- add all the dried walnut. 8 figure 4- turn and mix evenly. Figure 9 1- fire oven preheated 190 degree, put the mixed cake paste into the 21cmX6.7cmX5.5cm rectangular bottom die Rio 7-8 full into the mold after the scraper cake paste surface smooth, both ends of the cake paste to some of the higher, because in the process of cake batter baked after expansion and intermediate batter agreement neatly preheat the oven, after the temperature adjustment in the oven 180 degrees up and down the fire middle bake for 45-50 minutes. Figure 10 2- cake bake for 10 minutes after the surface of the cake batter slightly during initial solidification can be removed, use a knife cut, both ends keep not open, this step can be omitted, just after the cut would look better. Figure 11 3- the surface of the cake after the color can cover with a piece of foil to roast, baked baked to dry, if not in a hurry to eat can be wrapped in a layer of plastic wrap and cut off the air, placed in the refrigerator for 2-3 days to eat, because rich in nuts, pound cake, if you wait until 2-3 days can eat]相关的主题文章: