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Tang Hui? Life without distortion? Prague image and you walk is a way to inspire wisdom to insight into human nature, thorough life continue even though we can still keep on life sharp but tedious but let a lot of people have to face their own so we need to have a chance to look back in that consciousness when more calm in the afar when more determined this is a completely different travel image we select and master Tang Hui together and not to do it by reading a series of photographic images (literature, architecture, music……) Not stop unconsciously found himself not the same make a real life ~ ~ life without distortion · your Prague ~ ~ October 18th Global Limited Recruitment starting date: 2016.12.02 member 2016.12.09 image master – Tang Hui Chinese Photographers Association Business Committee of the Royal Photographic Society APRS fellow eleventh China Photography Awards twenty-fourth National Photographic Art Exhibition judges only a won Awards (called Oscar creative) all category gold photography when we see the beauty and inner charge of soft radar is open, or use the lens, or with a brush, we have to record and shape impulse. Beauty is a kind of image presented by the world, and we express ourselves through the shaping of the image. We look forward to such a journey in the process, you can have a deep excavation. So we chose Czech, winter Prague. Just like the black and white photos, the most pure color, can let you see the real image itself. Czech has been the world’s Art Center, where thousands of castles and palaces, although after hundreds of years but still intact. It is worth mentioning that, this year, many castles and palaces here have canceled the provisions of the ban on photography. Walk in the ancient romantic castles and palaces, Charlie bridge, romantic square, street alley, through the time image, use your heart to experience, with the eyes to feel. Of course, you can also use the lens to record. "Self" this thing is invisible, bump into something else, bounce back, will understand yourself. — Yamamoto Teruji # hit image, know myself # through photography to record image, is let the rest of the art. The record of the image is of great value, which can be seen through it. Czechoslovakia is the pioneer of avant-garde art photography, surrealism photography master Jeremy · Fink (Jaromir Funke) will be especially good at simple still life works in an abstract form to express, in his work, pay attention to the use of light and shadow, the object image is the expression of the theme. Image master Tang Hui will be with you, walk in the Leica Gallery, appreciate Fink for相关的主题文章: