Dongfeng autonomous million club again – Sohu car beself

Dongfeng autonomous "million club" again – Sohu just entered a few days in November, Dongfeng Motor Corporation announced its first sales in October. In October, Dongfeng Group is a single month sales of 407 thousand Triumphant news keeps pouring in., vehicles, an increase of 12.90%; among them, sales of 2 million 924 thousand and 500 passenger cars, an increase of 11.74%; sales of commercial vehicles 387 thousand and 500, an increase of 4.95%. In the first 10 months of this year, Dongfeng Motor Corporation sold a total of 3 million 312 thousand cars, an increase of 10.90%; Dongfeng own brand car sales of 1 million 84 thousand and 300, an increase of 12.36%. Independent brand, Dongfeng Fengshen outstanding, October sales of 15 thousand and 800 cars, an increase of 77.10%, monthly sales growth to become champion, 130 thousand years after the annual increase to reach sales target has been basically no suspense. In particular, the AX family of outstanding performance, AX7 + AX3 monthly sales of 11742 units, once again broken million, an increase of up to 94.9%, Fengshen AX7 is listed since April of this year, sales of a steady rise for 5 consecutive months of growth, October sales to 8000 new heights, and AX3 can be described as "brothers together warlords". Behind the rise in sales, is the Dongfeng Fengshen automobile strictly control the quality, the latest J.D.Power 2016 Chinese automobile performance, operation and Design Research (APEAL) report shows that with core ahead of other brands of Dongfeng Fengshen AX7, Chi Chi Zhen in other safe and enjoy the intellectual driving control, Zhiyuan science and technology four one hand, talent shows itself from the many models, the score beyond Harvard H6, Changan CS75 and other mainstream brands and Volkswagen Tiguan, Ford: such as a public joint venture brand, total score in the independent medium SUV industry first, seventh. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the "independent Dongfeng’s Dongfeng popular, popular MPV S500 this month sales reached 10 thousand and 700 units, in October successfully into the Dongfeng pin million club", for Dongfeng Automobile in the "million club" to the next city.相关的主题文章: