Donald Trump Has A Business Plan For You! And For

UnCategorized Do you need more money? I know that’s a silly question, because who doesn’t need more money; or WANT more, to say the least. Everything that Donald Trump has touched turns to gold, it seems. The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune; the major newspapers have all written spreads lately about Donald’s new venture in Multi-Level Marketing. It appears that Donald spoke at a convention of network marketers and the bug got into him to join forces with like-minded people. Money! We all use it. Opposite ends of the spectrum give us fear and greed where money is concerned. Some people fear they’re going to run out of money and horde it, never wanting to spend freely or share with family and friends. These people tend to buy the cheapest things they can get by with. Perhaps they have to work long, hard hours to create the little bit of money they have and they’re afraid to circulate it for fear of not being able to earn it back. Other people have a sense of greed. They want more and more money, as though having a stash gives them power. These people will step on others to get the greenbacks, often conniving and backstabbing their peers. These people grab up the sales before the average person is even out of bed in the morning because they need to horde things that money represents. I know of a doctor who’s so greedy, he buys himself numerous luxury cars and then tells his employees he can’t afford to pay them. This doctor actually canceled the insurance on his staff because he couldn’t afford to pay his share. (Or so he said.) Greedy people are mainly selfish people. Fearful people are cheap. At least that’s been my observation. Donald Trump, however, appears to be a man who has other people’s interest at heart, while making money at the same time. As a philanthropist, he’s certainly not afraid to give money away where it’s needed. On the other side, Trump is a business man who knows how to make the next dollar using other people’s networking ability. Of course, others will make money with Trump’s new .pany, The Trump Network. After all, it involves the whole world .ing together to sell top-notch products. It’s based on the multiplication system which has been around for generations. The .pensation plan seems to be very generous. Why not? As in any type of business, if the leader (or boss) keeps his "people" happy, they will work hard for the return. The economy is in bad straits. What if . . . just . . .WHAT IF? What if we were all able to sign up with Trump’s new .work and spread the wealth around among ourselves? It’s worth thinking about. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: