Dolby told the oppovivo patent infringement in India 3 yuan per cell phone lost 4- Sohu

Dolby in India to OPPO vivo patent infringement: every mobile phone lost 3 4- digital audio Sohu magnate Dolby Laboratory (Dolby) recently in India Delhi high court OPPO, vivo two Chinese intelligent mobile phone manufacturers, especially in India, they sell mobile phone without payment of royalties. The court has made a quick decision, OPPO, vivo should be in accordance with the manufacturing, sales and import volume to pay royalties to Dolby. According to the court decision, OPPO and vivo must be fifth days each month, offered Dolby a month earlier with the manufacture and sale of infringing device and import data, and pay royalties to Dolby on the eighth day of the month, every mobile phone 34 rupees, or about 3.43 yuan, and shall be paid in us dollars. OPPO, vivo and Dolby in a fair, reasonable and non discriminatory circumstances, the signing of a patent licensing agreement. Dolby also suggested that OPPO, vivo should be made from the two companies, sales and imports of infringing products began to pay royalties. OPPO, vivo is currently sold in India, the number of mobile phones is not known, only know the share is not high but the growth rate is very fast. It is reported that OPPO sales in the India market grew by 159%, vivo is as high as 759%. Chinese mobile phone brands have regarded India as the new blue ocean, but often encounter a patent, such as millet has been for a long time to ericsson.相关的主题文章: