Do birthday was sent, not illegal

Do birthday was sent, not illegal pacts, the   Zhang Guifeng according to reports, in August 10th, Sichuan Dazhou city Xuanhan County nanbazhen villagers for their own mother birthday, was reporting violations, subsequently, the villagers are required to pay 650 yuan fee do feast "illegal cognition". Nanbazhen Commission said, in order to prevent the local frequent banquet atmosphere, the village had introduced the "village", the elderly can only be specified at the age of 80 or 90 years old can do birthday, and when things for villagers mother do birthday, his mother was only 87 years old. In violation of regulations "on the grounds, asked the villagers to pay 650 yuan of illegal do feast know fee", this kind of practice is very absurd. Because here, as illegal fines based on the so-called "village" itself, there are actually illegal. The first "law without authorization is prohibited," the rights and freedoms of villagers can not restrict villagers to dispose of the property; the so-called "violations do know banquet fee" is a clear violation of the "administrative punishment law" and other relevant laws, suspected of illegal fines unauthorized matters, violated the property rights of citizens. According to the administrative punishment law, there is no legal basis, the administrative penalty is invalid". As a legal source, "the table number of village village Shouyan private limited, is unreasonable, there is no legal basis", "rule of" penalty ", has exceeded the provisions of the law, is illegal and invalid". In fact, even without considering the parties identity of the villagers, even for cadres and other relevant personnel of special status, banquet dinner limit, also can not for the wayward. So before the Commission’s official website has issued a document on how to determine the "Baishi" is a "lavish" given six standard limits, namely whether the use of public funds; if the use of public property; if the use of public property; guests in management and service objects; the guest whether the use of public property; whether or not affect the rest of others the destruction of the environment". "Frequent feast" of course is really a bad habit, it really should be standardized. But at the same time must be aware of is that as long as not involving public interests, violation of the legitimate interests of others, even if this habit is suspected of extravagance and waste, for ordinary citizens, is still a "private individual freedom, rights of autonomy" within the scope of the law, illegal problem. For this, of course, can guide the comment, but apparently not simply a way to force intervention, otherwise, lightly in the penalty to mandatory rules in private affairs, not only in the aspect of the rule of law beyond the boundaries of government behavior "law without authorization is not to confuse, also should be the boundary of morality and law, rule of virtue and the rule of law in social governance, to achieve the" refinement "of the helpless.相关的主题文章: