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Digital China unveiled the 2016 Oracle cloud Conference – Sohu science and technology news: 2016 November 10th Texun Oracle cloud (Oracle CloudWorld) meeting recently in Shanghai Pudong grand prelude to the theme of the conference is innovation driven digital economy. Digital China was invited to attend the meeting and made a keynote speech, sharing the digital Xiang Yun transformation of the successful practices. No, first heard the sound: "cloud" database machine offline in November 9th the end of the month, the world’s leading cloud computing company, held once a year 2016 Oracle cloud conference in Shanghai, the conference gathered in various industry leaders, experts and partners to jointly build hybrid cloud strategy, enterprise cloud platform. Create a superior customer experience and achievement of the public business, the innovation and revolution of human capital. Oracle Corp EMEA and Asia Pacific technology products and systems business senior vice president of Andrew Sutherland, senior vice president of Oracle Corp and Chinese director Li Hanzhang attended the meeting and introduced the Oracle cloud strategy. Including Intel, Lenovo, Neusoft, including more than 20 leading cloud computing partners at home and abroad keynote speech and display, in addition, thousands of partners are involved in the product display and interactive communication. Digital China group assistant president Liu Fengyan was invited to attend the meeting and shared cloud infrastructure integration digital brand solutions successful practice case. According to Liu Fengyan introduction, cloud database machine digital independent production using Oracle database core software, using the high performance server, high availability storage, high availability cluster database and high-speed InfiniBand network integration architecture, the perfect combination of hardware, saving up to 10 times the storage industry leading level, is an advanced data center a one-stop solution to the database the integrated scheme, software and hardware will greatly simplify the design of data center room, and make the data center more easy to layout and use. In recent years, along with cloud computing, big data, networking, mobile and social enterprise vigorous development, growing demand for data on the server, data center and related application requirements also will improve. The rising cost and the complexity of the system will lead to the enterprise demand for a manageable, highly flexible and scalable solutions. Cloud database machine is born in such an environment. The industry said that as the roots of China digital years of information technology leader in cutting-edge technology, products, and a deep understanding of the market and customer Chinese is incomparable. The industry hope to see cloud database machine available. It is reported that the cloud database machine is expected to be down at the end of November. Digital China: accelerate the independent controllable layout, build IT new ecological technology innovation of the enterprise and the organization brings disruptive change, seize the opportunity to digital transformation will have a chance to become a winner. The digital economy is becoming more and more important in China’s economic growth, and the contribution to GDP will be great相关的主题文章: