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Sports-and-Recreation Cricket is one of the oldest games that are steeped in tradition. The initial types of cricket date back to the thirteenth century and the roots of the game can be tracked back to the south of England. It is important to note that the game of cricket has been very much popular in the families of the farmers in the south east. This game seems to be familiar as early as the thirteenth hundred however it is not sure that the game was cricket, however it is important to note the fact that the first reference to the name of cricket was given in the late sixteenth century in the South of England and it was here that the game of cricket was being played. However it is important to note that the origin of the term was actually not known but there are many possibilities from where this name could be coined. The most popular place from where it is predicted to have originated is French language. The word could have also been coined from the French word called as cricket which means bat. However there are many Flemish and old English contenders for this title. But it is important to note that the French term criqet also originated from Flemish. So it is not practically possible to the come to the conclusion that where exactly did the term originate from, however it is important to note the term has been there in existence since the sixteenth century. In the year sixteen hundred the game of cricket featured itself in India through he entrance of the East India Company. However it was in the year of the seventeenth century that the game of cricket became more and more popular in the south east of England and there was a great increase in the rate of growth of number of people. There are a number of references available for the game in the seventeenth century. After a short span of time the game was played in a more formal fashion, this was during the later part of the century. There are assumptions that there might have been professional players during this time. There are also assumptions that this game was played with a large amount of investment in the game and further there was lots of gambling done for this game. This is the time when the number of the players was established as eleven on each side, it is important to note that this was the time that the bowling technique was not properly formalized. It was during the eighteenth century that the game was very much popular and there are a number of incidences or references that can be found out during this time. There are games that were played at a very high amount of bet, it had also become a game that was been watched by large number of crowds and there were many games that were arranged on a more formal basis. It was in the nineteenth century the game of cricket became more like a game that we see today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: