Deputy director of the State Administration of cultural heritage to repair the improper concept of t

Deputy director of the State Bureau of Cultural Relics: the concept of improper repair damage instead of the Great Wall Beijing, the State Bureau of cultural relics in response to "the Great Wall was painted cement road repair of the Great Wall": improper concept but caused the destruction of Gansu city in Jiayuguan Province Yu Quan Town Center Primary school is only 500 meters away from the the Great Wall, standing in the school building three floor roof you can see the Jiayuguan tower and the Qilian Mountains in the distance. In September 23rd, the children listened to Song Xinchao, deputy director of the State Administration of cultural heritage, on the Great Wall. He told a lively the Great Wall public lesson: how long is the the Great Wall? The Great Wall why the westernmost location in Jiayuguan? Why did it stand for more than 600 years? At the other end of the the Great Wall, more than 2 thousand kilometers away from Jiayuguan, Liaoning province Yongan County, Fort Township, small mouth village, a section of the original unknown the Great Wall, but recently by the national and even the world’s attention. Because of a the Great Wall renovation project, the original vicissitudes of the the Great Wall was painted a cement road". This year is the 10 anniversary of the promulgation and implementation of the the Great Wall Protection Ordinance, the State Administration of cultural heritage jointly organized by the the Great Wall open class series of activities, the current direct participation in the the Great Wall open class children have more than 500 people. For the children of Jiayuguan after class, Song Xinchao accepted the Chinese Youth Daily reporter’s exclusive interview? Youth online. Improper repair concept, instead of causing damage to the the Great Wall. This is a typical case of Liaoning." Song Xinchao said, "the Great Wall today must be the appearance of history and nature to give it the appearance, the repair has changed this way. If today’s protective measures do not connect to history and the future, it will be a failure." The Great Wall is more than 20 thousand kilometers, due to historical reasons, there are a variety of forms, walls, soil, sand ridge. Song Xinchao stressed that the repair of different forms should have different standards, all the the Great Wall Jiayuguan, Shanhaiguan was as tall and magnificent appearance has no meaning. Some of the the Great Wall ruins due to natural or man-made causes only tens of centimeters high, the key is to slow down the destruction of the protection of cultural relics, "the die is a historical process, cultural relics protection just as much as possible so that this process is slow". September 20th, the State Administration of cultural heritage has launched a special law enforcement inspectors the Great Wall, dispatched inspectors on the the Great Wall along the 15 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to supervise the work of the the Great Wall. Suizhong Ming the Great Wall renovation project was listed as the focus of the special inspector. The evening of September 22nd, according to Liaoning’s the Great Wall, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage said publicly: such as the project construction management, project quality and other issues, once verified, according to the law of the relevant units and personnel seriously, never justifying, leniency involving illegal connivance; and will cooperate with relevant departments to investigate. Song Xinchao said: "the Great Wall protection should establish a set of evaluation system, rather than repair. The State Bureau of cultural relics should have anecdotal repercussions and professional identification combining regular assessment report released." There is the Great Wall protection in the maintenance of concept, technology and management, the State Cultural Relics Bureau has issued the "the Great Wall protection maintenance work guidance" in 2014 2015, the organization of professional institutions to further carry out the protection of the the Great Wall classification management and maintenance bin相关的主题文章: