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Read: Westbrook wear gloves on thanos revenge Tour – Sohu sports punishment Parada J said: "the body is the torment of the soul; it is hell, is the fate, is a burden, is a strong chain, is also unbearable punishment." The results of Westbrook with such physical punishment alliance, became defender of hell, into the fate of the back. As he has thanos (BOSS ultimate Marvel) infinite glove six characteristics of their own, such as six pieces of stone (infinite power, time, space, soul, truth and thoughts) embedded in his journey of revenge for the 2016-2017 season, the other 29 teams, they have to accept the magic of Westbrook in the years of the impact, it will become a milepost of the season westbrook. 1 power: Westbrook has been depressed for a long time magic Westbrook repressed for too long, accumulate steadily, into a blowout may make people think is expected, so the suddenness of a thunderbolt, but is contrary to expectation. In terms of these three games, is the "big look at the age of three, the age of seven to see the old" rhythm, probably know what kind of energy and what kind of determination. He became the 1982-1983 season Magician – Johnson, the first three games in the previous two games won two of the players in the game, but if the score on the score, Wei also burst the magician less than three. Because of his first three games, a total score of 116 points and 37 rebounds, 35 assists, 100 rebounds to become data +30 +30 assists the first in the history of the first three games in the first three games players, Westbrook averaged 38.7 points, 12.3 rebounds and 11.7 assists. 2 time: he is not chasing Jordan signs we put the wheel of time to 1988, see Michael Jordan the invincible season, that so many people are in the chill of the season The imprint is engraved on my heart. Throughout the last 30 years, the most comprehensive line of the guard line performance, to achieve a score of +5 points and +7 assists, Wade, in addition to Jordan, only the 2009 30+5+7 assists in the. Of course, in 1988 for Jordan, it is the year. At that time, Jordan almost scored all honors: scoring, steals, defending the all star dunk contest, all star game MVP and all star history of second high 40 points, all NBA first team, defensive team, and even won the first career regular season MVP trophy for the first time in history and was elected the best scorer defensive player, Jordan in 24 games this season guest point guard in 12 games crazy swept three pairs, including the creation of history second seven consecutive double three. At the end of the season after Jordan scored 32.5 points, 8 assists, 8 rebounds and 2.89 steals. Westbrook in game three before the data field can not continue until the end of the season, but considering Westbrook now were as high as 28 times the hand and single core, Westbrook will indeed frozen in time at the moment, in the season to centralize power on major issues. If this season in accordance with this trend, Wei probably will be 28 points per game -30 points, rebounds 7-8.5, assists left for the first time in 10 minutes相关的主题文章: