Depression Treatment

Health Depression can be endogenous and neurotic. Androgenic kind may have a genetic reason. Neurotic type .es from external factors such as the demise of a spouse, loss of job or property etc. Symptoms of the disorder are sadness/despair, irritable mood, negative thoughts, crying spells, body aches etc. The condition can be mild or very severe in nature. Accordingly treatment methodologies differ. Treatment for depression includes the .bination of antidepressant medicine and psychotherapy. Medicinal therapy for the disorder can be best done by a family doctor who may know the medical history of the family members in the household. Electro vascular therapy in which the patient is given electrical shocks, which may help the brain to release some chemicals that aid .munication between nerves, is used to treat severe form of depression. Alternate therapies like acupuncture, yoga, hypnosis, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, massaging can all be used for treating mild disorder. Depression occurs more .monly in women than in men. Changes in mood in the pre-menstrual and post childbirth and post menopause are linked to sudden drop in hormone levels. Hence hormone replacement treatment (HRT) can relieve the person from the disorder and remove symptoms such as night sweat or hot flashes. While these medical treatments may or may not yield results, a simultaneous psychotherapy, which is essentially done at mental level, is important for .ing out of depression. Psychotherapies can be various kinds. It is re.mended never to leave the affected person alone but to spend time with the patient. It is also advised to share interesting information both spiritual and those connected with worldly affairs with the patient. To create a feeling in them that their friends and relatives care for them and they are with them to share their views and other disappointments will be in many cases more effective than a drug medication. Depression can return in spite of the above treatment methodologies. Only when new scientific research identifies the genes which are coding for the brain proteins, by analyzing large samples of affected families and by employing imaging techniques to examine the brain function and structure in people with this disorder, we can possibly find out exactly the causes of this disorder. Once the specific causes are identified, then the treatments methods can be worked out. The treatment options for depression can be directed towards the mind or body. More often the former controlling and more beneficial while treatment directed only against the body may not always prove very useful. Dr. lisa alloju Dr. Lisa Alloju obtained her bachelors degree in Biology from Texas Christian University in 1993 and .pleted medical school at The University of Texas Health Centre – Forth Worth in 1997. She did her Psychiatry residency Training at John Peter Smith Hospital, Forth Worth from 1999-2002. During her residency she was the Assistant Chief Psychiatry resident and was the recipient of the Pfizer- Resident of the Year award. After a successful residency she has worked in the John peter Smith Psychiatric emergency centre and other inpatient /outpatient psychiatric and partial hospitalization or treatment centers. Dr. Allojus specialties include treating addictions and eating disorder problems. Dr.Alloju has been invited to speak on many health care forums. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: