Contact developers and users HTC app store launched multi domain VR applications

Contact the developers and users of the HTC app store launched a multi domain VR application source: global network [global technology Roundup] according to the U.S. technology website Venturebeat reported on September 29th, in the Viveport HTC app store launched this fall, with more than 100 VR diverse applications, covering art, to create a variety of tools, design, education, fashion and music, sports, travel, video, will also launch limited promotional activities, provide the ultimate experience for VR users. The development of HTC VR helmet worth $800 (about RMB 5333 yuan, the National Bank edition price 6888 yuan), to create "the size of a house" experience, can be compatible with those offered by Oculus, Valve and Samsung third party application store. In the Viveport app store, the most popular game includes an updated version of Everest VR, the Mount Everest version of "blue" (theBlu), Google Spotlight Stories’Pearl 360 film application, "music Mania" (The Music Room) and "VR" true to life Museum (Lifeliqe) etc.. In order to promote Viveport, HTC will also launch 48 hours timed seckill activities, a variety of popular applications for just $1 you can download the game, such as "blue ocean", a trip to Mars Mars and Odyssey adventure game "Firebird" (Firebird La Peri) and so on. In the Viveport app store is also arranged in the Viveport community, users can not only join them, and also other VR fans, and large coffee lovers. In addition, users can also customize personal space through Vive Home. Viveport’s mission is to get more people to experience immersive virtual reality by linking content developers to rapidly growing VR users. Viveport President Rikard Steiber said: we believe that Viveport is the starting point for users to enter the new virtual reality experience. Fans from more than and 30 countries around the world will participate in a fantastic journey to experience the best VR applications developed by the industry’s best content developers VR. In addition to the release of the new Viveport Premieres, we will also hold 48 hours of celebration in the community, a variety of applications for only $1." (internship compilation: once Yuting reviewer: Li Zongze)相关的主题文章: