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CIFF furniture: sharing innovation, always do the industry — real estate — Waiter note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.   in September 10th, the thirty-eighth Shanghai Hongqiao Home Fair successfully concluded! In a short span of four days, 2000 exhibitors carefully prepared 48 forum activities every day exciting, go all out for the global furniture industry presents a wonderful feast. Chinese home fair second appearance in Shanghai, Hongqiao, there will be a commercial value of the professional audience of 84696 people, an increase of up to 9574 people. In order to have commercial value to calculate the number of professional visitors, may not have some of today’s exhibition of hundreds of thousands of visitors, sensation of billions of dollars in turnover, but it reflects the commercial value of China Home Expo exhibitors experience more and more, and better, more and more suitable for Trade Exhibition exhibitors demand. This is precisely the Chinese Home Expo will always adhere to the attitude: from the exhibitors to come to the audience, always with the enterprise, industry, the audience stand together to share a win-win situation! The sharing of resources to promote trade exchanges in Shanghai Hongqiao Home Expo exhibition closely around the business objectives, to promote the exhibitors and professional audience shared prosperity, really let the pre show information flow, developing accurate matching, effective business communication. Before the exhibition, Shanghai Hongqiao fair in the domestic and foreign similar furniture exhibition launched the first "sharing package" data service buyers exhibitors, exhibitors can make full use of communication to do before the exhibition, docking market demand, organization and market products to improve the effect of exhibitors. At the same time provide purchasing information matching service to professional audience, tailored to the needs of the exhibition focused procurement route, recommend suitable enterprise, improve the efficiency of. Exhibition, business matchmaking will be a hot scene, the professional performance of exhibitors and buyers generous orders to negotiate another round of climax. About furniture to get a pen from India large, heartfelt praise. , deputy director of the development of SMEs in South Africa, Thulani is excited to be able to dock in just a few hours to a very suitable supplier for South Africa’s primary and secondary schools to purchase furniture orders quickly finalized. In addition, to European buyers, government procurement group, dealers group of professional audience groups also bring tangible results for exhibitors. Exhibition has been successfully concluded, and the sharing of resources will not stop, so that exhibitors and professional audience on the big platform of China’s Fair is the pursuit of mutual benefit. Activities sharing design more business Shanghai Hongqiao Home Expo is not only a good platform for business cooperation, but also a big platform for industry exchanges, with unparalleled sharing. The exhibition design exhibition, 48 large coffee, guests view dialogue, fashion show and other exciting activities closely around the exhibition industry needs, and sincere interaction, sharing and innovation. In Hongqiao, this year, the meaning of the design exhibition has more interesting color, and the world to share the best design in the east. In Hongqiao, known as the American furniture design industry, Oscar, the pinnacle of design awards landed in China, and the Chinese industry to share in the United States market production and widely welcomed by consumers of product design. In Hongqiao, a well-known scholar, famous economist, well-known entrepreneurs on the study of "Chinese furniture market supply)相关的主题文章: