Chongqing 11 year old boy to buy the game currency suffered telecommunications fraud $5400 – Sohu ne

Chongqing 11 year old boy to buy game currency suffered telecommunications fraud 5400 yuan – Sohu News newspaper news (reporter Tan Yao) 11 year old Xiaowen (a pseudonym) addicted to online games, in order to buy game currency, he stole the wallet WeChat mother 5000 yuan. Xiaowen finally did not receive the game currency, he could still do not know what is the telecom fraud. "The elderly and children have the least awareness of prevention, but we generally believe that children are less likely to access the Internet and do not use the telephone. But there is indeed a child in the telecommunications fraud, and the ‘bear child’ finally did not know he was cheated." Yubei District Yongsan police station. A man who lives in Yubei District ranjiaba. Xiaowen recently hooked on the game "hero alliance", and join in the game platform on a chat group. A few days ago, someone in the group sent a message, you can use the League of Legends of the game free brush. But for a small for gospel truth, a child of 11 years old, the usual pocket money is limited, how to raise money? Subsequently, Xiaowen’s mother finds his wallet WeChat 5400 yuan gone, be transferred away. So the mother called the police, police subsequently found that the mother secretly is a small WeChat wallet in money to go, finally to the account that the game chat group on. Link to send network security into the campus yesterday was the 2016 Chongqing network security awareness week". Set up in Jiangbei Guanyin Bridge independent galleries, launched the "I and network security with a shadow" photo printing, youth network safety knowledge publicity materials, WeChat game push, micro-blog interactive activities such as topic. The relevant departments to solicit broad "youth and network security" the theme of the poster, video, cartoon, network safety publicity and recruitment of volunteers, a youth network security awareness initiative, young people learn the knowledge of network security in the lively activities through a variety of activities to guide. Network safety week slogan more of a network information security protection skills, more of a guarantee online "gifts", very few do not rub free WiFi account password, not to board the "public" network security "means" to give away a little happiness "package" don’t, "winning" get lucky network attached to you and me, we rely on security. Network attached to you and me, grasping the anti-theft protection of network security, guarding the home of spirit相关的主题文章: