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"Chomsky’s famous theory of universal grammar recently suffered a question [Abstract]" more and more I think Darwin’s argument without reason." In particular, Wolf said, there is no evidence of evolution in some periods. After this doubt, Wolf has a suspicion of the origin of language. The new journalism originator Tom · Wolf (left) and the famous linguist Chomsky. Tom · Wolf (Tom Wolfe) is a famous American new journalism originator, in his view of news writing is to add fiction elements. The 85 year old Tom · Wolf recently in his new book, "The Kingdom of Speech" had two guns, gun for the founder of the theory of evolution Charles · Darwin, the other one is the honorary professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the 87 year old linguist Noam middot & Chomsky. In his new book, Wolf said that Darwin’s theory of evolution is "chaos speculation soft weak and flawed", and questioned the core of Chomsky’s theory of "universal grammar". Chomsky’s "universal grammar" holds that infants have innate mechanisms of language acquisition, which is used to explain why a child has the ability to speak early. But Wolf Chomsky is called "Noam Charisma" (Noam is the name of Chomsky Charisma, often translated as "charismatic", refers to the sound of the leader’s personality charm), and described Chomsky as a lazy to do not want to go out to survey the "Utopian" professor. His attack on the nation’s first public intellectual has led to the opening of the season’s first college debate. "Chomsky with the beginning of the nineteenth Century French anatomist George Cuvier as · personality and charm. Cuvier is aggressive and orchestrated a series of struggle, both stately excuses and just perfect timing, modified excellent elegant rage. But, on the contrary, Chomsky has no personal charm and grace." Wolf early in the last century at the end of 60s a written description of Chomsky, Zoupian Jian Feng wrote: "when the weather, he was at the end of the morning (or just after noon) was arrested. He was a police investigation, and then come out, let him go to New York famous nightclub Electric Circus tells the story of the Vietnam war." Chomsky responded to Wolf: "I don’t know what he was doing," Chomsky told "the observer" (Observer), "to my surprise, he said, any error obviously is absolute distortion and forgery. Including his passing libel on my personal life, so that any reader can find out the problem immediately." Wolf to blame Chomsky due to his long-standing tradition of satire, as he explores the famous New Journalism writing (such as the 1968 written "exciting" and 1979 "the stimulant experiment" (The Right right Stuff) and small society):相关的主题文章: