Chinese lamented that the United States and children have no children as illegal immigrants dachiyouxiang

Chinese lamented that the United States is not worth as much as the children of illegal immigrants to the United States in the Chinese mainland pregnant women in the popular, many people’s starting point is to children, the future can enjoy low-cost and high-quality education. In fact, this trend is about 20 years ago in Taiwan pregnant women in popular, now that the kids are in college age, but the provisions of the State University of California, students and foreign students’ tuition is three times, but many students and parents residing in foreign countries, how to confirm the identity of California, and enjoy tuition in the state? In short, those who were born in the United States, who lived in California, even citizenship, can not enjoy the preferential tuition for California residents; ironically, 16 years ago to the United States of illegal immigrants in California, but California residents can enjoy preferential tuition. From Taiwan to the United States for many years Mrs. Chen, and later with the children in the United States read a few years of primary school, the family finally returned to taiwan. Now that my son is in high school, Mrs. Chen has taken into consideration the child’s College education. She knew that although the child is an American citizen, but the University of California only provide preferential tuition fees for the residents of the state, she and her son is not in the United States all year round, whether it is defined as the residents of the state and can not enjoy the state tuition? Chen said that if you can not enjoy the state tuition, it is better to stay in Taiwan reading. Tuition is much cheaper than the United states. Wang, who lives in Hangzhou, was born in the United States, just returned to China on the full moon, and now in Hangzhou primary school. Wang Tongxue’s parents said that the University of California is the future goal of children. But it is not clear, long-term living abroad children, whether the future will be reading California university. California University identified the state or the state of the students, there is a detailed identification of conditions. In short, is the two rule: first, whether to live in California, the second is to live in California intention (intent). University of California will be more than 25 years of age as adults, to independently bear the burden of proof. Students under the age of 25, parents need to bear the burden of proof. According to the regulations, students or parents (one) must presence (physical) living in California for at least 366 days. In addition, parents need to prove that they have the intention (intent) to live in California, rather than 366 days to live. Only meet the above two, it is possible to be recognized in the state tuition. How to prove their intention to live in California? Proven materials include: parents living in California since the tax returns, including income outside California are tax returns in California. In addition there is a driver’s license, car registration in California, registered voters in California, in California to obtain a business license or professional certificate can be. In addition, the California residential address as a long-term address all records in (permanent address), students in the holidays are still living in California, the banks in California have a current or deposit account, was hired in California, in California to apply for a loan or scholarship can prove. However, many students or parents are satisfied with the above conditions, but if the students go back to China or Taiwan during the holidays, will be considered in California is not continuous (in).相关的主题文章: