China Securities Market earthquake triggered by stock market easing-vidalia

China’s stock market crash on Friday (reporter Zhang Yi) clearly spread to the global market. Today, A stock market tiaokongdikai, nonferrous metal plate decreases, the market was weak, the line distance more and more far. Overseas markets, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq index fell by 2.13% and 2.54% respectively; the S & P 500 index fell by 2.45%; the FTSE 100 index fell by 1.33%; the French CAC40 index fell by 1.68%. As of press time, the Nikkei 225 index fell 1.73%; the Hang Seng Index fell 2.71%. To close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.85% points to close at 3021.98, Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.8% to close at 10461.58 points; the gem index fell 2.61% points to close at 2145.56, small board index fell 2.94% to close at 6731.84 points. The turnover of two cities in Shanghai and Shenzhen was 221 billion 847 million yuan and 318 billion 301 million yuan respectively. In the industry, 28 cases of the industry fell in general, of which the leisure service sector is the only one with no more than 1% of the decline in the industry sector; relatively speaking, non-ferrous metals, computers and defense industry decline in the top, down 4.25%, 3.45% and 3.18%, respectively. Business, trade and media industries also fell by more than 3%. In terms of concept, the rare earth permanent magnetic plate fell by 5.46%, and the smart IC card, lithium battery, mobile resale and other plates decreased by more than 4%. Overall, the global market is expected to loose down large fluctuations, short-term shocks, the market risk aversion, stock market was in the line near the tangled takes time to get back to near the line, short-term investors should not rush to intervene, waiting for the market to stabilize.

中证收评:宽松预期回落引发股市“地震” 中证网讯 (记者 张怡)上周五美股大跌显然蔓延到了全球市场。今日,A股市场全面跳空低开,有色金属板块跌幅居前,市场弱势明显,距离年线越来越远。海外市场方面,隔夜道琼斯工业指数和纳斯达克指数分别下跌2.13%和2.54%;标普500指数下跌2.45%;英国富时100指数下跌1.33%;法国CAC40指数下跌1.68%。截至发稿,日经225指数下跌1.73%;恒生指数下跌2.71%。至收盘,上证综指下跌1.85%收于3021.98点,深证成指下跌2.8%收于10461.58点;创业板指下跌2.61%收于2145.56点,中小板指下跌2.94%收于6731.84点。沪深两市成交额分别为2218.47亿元和3183.01亿元。行业方面,28个申万一级行业全面下跌,其中休闲服务板块是唯一一个跌幅未超过1%的行业板块;相对而言,有色金属、计算机和国防军工行业跌幅居前,分别下跌4.25%、3.45%和3.18%。商业贸易和传媒行业跌幅也均超过3%。概念方面,稀土永磁板块跌幅居前,下跌5.46%;智能IC卡、锂电池、移动转售等多个板块跌幅超过4%。总体来看,宽松预期的回落使得全球市场发生大幅波动,短线冲击之后,市场避险情绪升温,原本在年线附近纠结的大盘料需花时间才能重新回到年线附近,短线投资者不宜急于介入,等待市场的企稳。相关的主题文章: