Changsha pilot garbage classification recycling plan 5 years after the implementation of the c-stand by me shinee

Pilot garbage classification Changsha   recovery plan; 5 years after the implementation of Hunan channel, reporters yesterday from the city management committee office was informed that this year Changsha will start a comprehensive garbage classification pilot work plan, through 5 years of pilot promotion, from 2020 to 2025 in the city within the scope of the implementation of recycling garbage disposal. Pilot: see garbage into four categories of recovery reporters from the city management committee office issued "on the Changsha city garbage classification pilot work notice", the pilot period of garbage will be divided into the kitchen waste (wet waste), Other Waste (dry waste), Recyclable, hazardous waste four class for recycling. Among them, the residential area, the market will be based on wet and dry garbage pilot two classification as the basis for the N extension of the recycling model. In the business district, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, cultural and educational areas and offices will pilot food waste, Other Waste, Recyclable, hazardous waste "four" mode. With full coverage of the working conference of the garbage classification pilot and Changsha yesterday held the kitchen garbage collection, municipal law enforcement bureau announced the 10 Street in the city in 2016 to carry out the garbage classification pilot (town), respectively is: Furong District Lotus Garden Street, East Street, Tianxin District the streets, Green Park Yuelu District street, Salty Lake Street, Wang Yue Street, Kaifu District Qingshuitang street, Xiufeng street, Yuhua District, East Street, Ma Zhen Tong hop. It is reported that the pilot Street (town) will configure the appropriate classification of recycling bins, while residents of household waste classification knowledge to guide residents to correctly classify discarded garbage. The county will increase the sanitation infrastructure configuration according to the unified standards, actively promote the garbage storage, transportation and disposal facilities, and gradually establish and improve the classification collection and transportation system. The status quo: the city’s garbage increases by 10% every year, it is understood that the city’s garbage daily production capacity of more than 7 thousand tons per year, and the rapid growth rate of 10%, the only living garbage disposal sites have been overwhelmed, the traditional way of landfill bottleneck highlights. In the past, we will collect all kinds of garbage collection, it seems simple, but increased the difficulty of subsequent processing, but also to the environment caused harm." Municipal government deputy secretary general Pan Shengqiang said, to carry out the classification of domestic waste will not only reduce the amount of waste disposal sanitation system, but also the realization of waste resources, harmless treatment of the most effective means. The reporter learned from the municipal law enforcement bureau, after classification, food waste will by special container collection to the designated location, and then by the United food waste collection, recycling, timing; Recyclable objects will be collected by special containers, materials recycling center and the sanitation department to collect, disposal, hazardous waste will be transported to the dangerous waste treatment plant. Plan: from 2020 to 2025 to promote "Changsha carry out garbage classification pilot will be classified according to the" unified deployment, the pilot, coarse to fine, the first fan after Jane "method, explore and improve the urban living garbage collection, transportation and processing of the three classification classification system." Deng Pengyu, director of urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau, this year to 2017)相关的主题文章: