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Careers-Employment Whenever you go out to purchase any product from the market how will you check whether the product you purchased is of good quality? Does the product have any defect and is it coming along with any warranty? As a consumer you must make sure that you look for these facts before purchasing any product from the market. But how can you look for all these aspects in your product? CE Marking is a solution to all such questions, as this is a quality assurance mark that can be found on the products that are free from all defects and are good in quality. But what is this CE Marking? And how does it affect the quality of product you purchase from the market? And where from this assurance come? And is it genuine? CE marking is required for majority of products that are been placed in the market for sale in many countries. This marking states that the product is assessed and inspected thoroughly before being placed on the market and meets all safety, health and environmental protection requirements. It is now mandatory for most products on sale in the EU. However, not all products must bear the CE marking as only those product categories under specific directives are required with this conformation. If the product does not fall under any category this marking is not needed for that product. You can look for all the directive rules and categories before going for a marking on your product. Certainly, it is the manufacturers responsibility to carry out the conformity assessment and Inspection Services thoroughly before placing the product in the market. The CE Mark itself can be displayed on the inspection certificate once the manufacturer has undergone a thorough audit and inspections of the product. The manufacturer must identify the Directive that is applicable to his product and also identify the conformity assessment procedure that must be taken in order to pass the assurance for its products. These Inspection Services and quality assurance tests differ with different products and manufacturers. It can be self declaration, testing, inspection or quality system assessment either from the manufacturer himself or from any third party Inspection Services. The conformity assessment procedure will differ depending on your product and the Directive in respect of which you will be CE Marking. However, once the assessment is completed the manufacturer has to prove complete compliance with all the requirements of the relevant manufacturing standard by submitting the product to a tough testing program prior to the product being approved for CE Marking and is launched onto the market. Once this done, the manufacturer affixes CE Marking on the product or its packaging. It cannot be placed to the product until all necessary certifications have been obtained from the trusted Inspection Services. Once the product is sent to the market the distributors must verify the presence of both the CE marking and all the necessary supporting documentation before making it available to the customers. If the product is being imported from a different country, the importer has to verify that the manufacturer outside has undertaken the necessary steps and that the documentation is available with guarantee. Now the product can be declared for quality and can be placed for sale in any market. Checking for all these aspects is the responsibility of all the three parties including the customers, manufacturer and the distributor. Quality of products will assure safer grounds for all the three. So be assured of the quality on the product you are purchasing form the market by looking at these directives on the products. Learn more at http://www.aqss-usa.com/expediting-services.asp About the Author: 相关的主题文章: