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Strong! Kobe’s dad had Yanping basket dunk Jabbar into the background plate (video).-fkzww

Strong! Kobe’s dad had Yanping basket Jabbar dunks miserable background plate too scary! Kobe’s dad flat basket across the ring Jabbar sports Tencent Tomahawk news August 30th Joe Bryant in "Kobe Bryant’s father" is well known, but in fact the year when playing, Joe Bryant is also a member of the Titans, can fly good buckle. Kobe dad flat basket buckle recently, when Joe played a video and was dug out, 1976-77 season, the effectiveness of the 76 team Joe in the Lakers with the first battle of the buckle Jabbar. In the face of defense, Joe from the right side of the basket along the line break line, although Jabbar defend in place, such as general chongtianbao but Joe cynical leaping on Jabbar’s head he will shoot the ball into the net. This ball Joe’s jump height is amazing, his head has the same basket parallel. Joe – Bryant is the 14 show in 1975, he was at the peak of the game to get a total of 11.8 points, the boss striker. Joe NBA played only 8 seasons, has played in 76 people, the clippers and rockets, in 1977 he helped 76 people to enter the finals but lost to the Blazers missed the championship. Joe played a very strong spectator, after leaving NBA, he went to play in Europe, where his fame. (from a dozen to five) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

Zhengzhou, a national gathering of customers to compete in Entrepreneurship Henan players won – Hena-hypersnap-dx

The guests gathered in Zhengzhou competition "entrepreneurial" Henan’s title – Henan Channel – first prize winner Li Zhongqing award source: – Henan channel     October 14, 2016 16:35 share: (commissioning editor: Song Fangxin, Shen Zhiyuan)相关的主题文章:

Beijing since heating this year for free gas meter the card can go to a number of banks to

Beijing: since heating this year for free   card gas meter; the number of banks to purchase gas   – Beijing channel — original title: since heating this year for free gas meter newspaper news (reporter Ye Xiaoyan) reporter yesterday from the city gas group was informed that, in order to improve the safety of the residents of the home, the fuel gas meter this year, the city will be large-scale replacement of old gas card table, plans this year to 150 thousand blocks from heating the user to replace the new table, "13th Five-Year" period will continue to update. The new intelligent gas meter will be greatly improved in terms of safety and convenience. Relevant responsible person told the reporter, the gas group, many district residents in the city gas card table use years longer, there are some security risks, especially the key safety grade of gas card itself is very low, easy to break." Recently, Chaoyang District gas group found boziwan area near the gas meter abnormal situation user overdraft gas, such as gas inside and outside of the residents of more than 10 thousand words, but in fact only bought more than 8 thousand words. The survey found that some residents have been in a small supermarket to buy a gas, the price is cheaper than the uniform price, buy gas stored in the card can be used normally. But in fact, is the illegal use of gas card key old, the security level is low, a single set of a gas selling system, through rewriting gas card information, the gas flows into the pockets of his money. In order to protect the interests of users, from this year, the group for the user to replace the old large-scale free gas meter. The new card’s security performance is fully upgraded, and even the key level and the same bank, can prevent tampering and destruction. In addition, the old card can only buy gas in the Bank of Beijing, the new card will gradually in the Construction Bank, postal savings bank and other banks to buy gas. Gas group will also increase self purchase gas equipment to make up for the needs of users in the non bank time to buy gas. According to the plan, this year will be 150 thousand since the early replacement of heating users, next year will be replaced by heating users from 250 thousand, and strive to be replaced within three years since the end of the heating users. "13th Five-Year" period will be gradually for non self heating users free replacement gas card table. In the replacement of gas meter and gas group will also be on the user’s home other gas facilities to carry out safety inspection, such as free replacement of old door etc.. J224 (commissioning editor Yin Xingyun and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章:

Tofu Chinese Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings van to go eat

Tofu: Chinese Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings fan children eat breakfast to stop [] original title: eat breakfast today so Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings xiaomizhou & now the weather is getting hot, sometimes thought to be busy in the kitchen and reeky, also facing reeky meals, instant food of beauty will have no appetite. Today we can try other vegetarian food is simple and delicious, not busy sweating! Pumpkin tofu vegetarian wonton skin Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings…… 450 Alexis gourd…… Two old tofu…… 500 grams of pepper…… The amount of chopped celery…… The amount of cumin powder…… Right amount salt…… The amount of soy sauce…… (the amount of seasoning according to their own taste add) 1 pumpkin peeled, with grater planing into filaments; 2 old tofu cut small pieces wash, then whisk the crushed tofu mud; (whisk best is manual, so as not to make tofu too thin, good taste of the West) 3 the gourd and tofu mud into the pot and stir fry to the water to fire, so do not put oil; 4 quickly out of the pot put soy sauce, pepper, cumin powder, salt, chopped celery. Turn off the heat and stir fry, seasoning with waste heat to tune out the appropriate flavor; 5 fillings wonton skin, both sides pinch; 6 heating electric baking pan, and the inner wall coated with a layer of oil, add Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings, choose a "pie"; 7 for a few minutes to complete Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings. (which can add water once, in the process that Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings skin taste not too hard) collocation a bowl of cooked in advance millet gruel, nutritious breakfast can eat ~ 1 while in the cooking process also stir, but no more than 10 minutes, much less than the time. When I was 2; pan posted time-consuming package (in fact, I personally feel okay), but a family is a lot faster, put the stuffing, squeeze OK~ 3 huntun materials can adjust themselves according to the number of Oh ~ 4 dianbingcheng can also hold the oil, just a little taste of wood, but more health Kang.相关的主题文章:

Beware of online black takeaway comeback – Food Channel – People’s network-diamondprox

Beware of "black online takeaway food channel – back — original title: beware of" black online takeaway comeback let undocumented restaurants comeback, online ordering platform to bear the primary responsibility, the food and drug administration departments must take the corresponding responsibility of supervision. At the same time to strengthen supervision, the platform should also increase penalties. The relevant departments shall impose heavy fines for the The loss outweighs the gain. The illegal platform should also suspend or restrict the development of ordering business in the relevant areas, make it difficult to achieve the original intention to seize market share, and ultimately lose power for illegal business operations. 26, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration interviewed again Baidu takeaway, Baidu Nuomi, U.S., home exchange, delicacy hungry five network ordering platform, informed the platform 30 problems mainly related to store information, not in accordance with the provisions of selling dish, not public license information, public license information alleged false, engaged in catering services beyond the scope of permission etc.. At present, Baidu, the U.S. group, hungry 13 network ordering platform publicity shop information rate in Beijing has been upgraded to 86.5%. (see related reports 04 Edition) from several online ordering platform, shop information publicity, after regulatory remediation, qualification of the Beijing area network operators takeaway is resolved, the network ordering chaos governance initial success. In recent years, with the rise of Internet sharing economy, the growing popularity of the network ordering form, "finger move, delicacy sent home, using a mobile phone software takeout has become a daily option. At the same time, the food safety problem of the network ordering is wide attention, several network ordering platform had been found widespread unlicensed shops, stores a health dirty shop, forged documents, photos and photo realistic network shows different problems, the majority of consumers enjoy the network ordering convenience, can not help but worry about their health. The centralized rectification although achieved certain results, but should guard against "black out" made a comeback in the end after a period of time. Unlicensed "black out" is a long-standing problem of network ordering platform. In 2015, Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee conducted a survey of three platforms of the 100 households on the shop, only 39 restaurants provide a business license, food service license and other information, of which there are no information symbols, forgery problem, the survey shows "universal black takeaway" problem. This CCTV 3.15 party exposure an ordering on the platform of "black out", in the sewers, grease around dens. However, after the heat of public opinion gradually subsided, black takeaway and quietly returned to the platform and once again into the tens of thousands of households. Since this year, Beijing to initiate an investigation of three ordering platform has more than once, but someone’s illegal takeout restaurant offline speed, after the return speed is not slow, how to regulate the ordering platform has become a problem to test relevant departments supervision level. The online ordering platform, why repeated undocumented restaurant? Some operators claim that this is because the platform’s identification technology and lack of capacity. In fact, this excuse is untenable. By the media exposure in the "black out", online ordering platform, usually overnight)相关的主题文章: