Canon Eos 7d Or Nikon D300s – A Dslr Camera

Photography It is really another Digital SLR shootout! Canon vs Nikon… all over again. This is an extremely fascinating struggle of Photography Gear Producers. The stakes are high as they battle each other to discover who can gain the most new consumers. Photographers are lining up all over the digital battleground from each other to toss specialized functions and camera jargon back and forth. If you search photography discussion boards for the most current threads about these two mid-level Digital SLR cameras, you will see some really important feedback. But once you have heard all the arguments, it would seem that there is really a winner. Here are some of the challenges that have risen to the top since the release of two very similar, and, yes, awesome, pieces of photographic equipment. Megapixel count – Megapixel count seems to favor the Canon 7D at 18 megapixels compared to 12 megapixels on the Nikon D300s. Nevertheless, the sole reference to the matter (in this writer’s research) was from one consumer who mentioned that the higher resolution of 18 megapixels was an advantage when recording images at a high zoom range. Otherwise, it was a non-issue. Auto Focus – When users compare the Canon 7D vs Nikon D300s regarding auto-focus, the main concern is with fast action such as sports. The auto focus feature would seem to favor the Nikon D300s because of its 51 focal points, simply because the Canon 7D has only 19 focal points. However, this is where more is not always better. Some of the comments made reference to the fact that with 51 points to try to focus on, the camera appeared to work much too hard to rapidly coordinate all those points. Fundamentally, the 19 point system worked far superior when dealing with fast paced objects simply because the camera’s computer managed to keep up with the need for continuous focus. When not much movement is involved the AutoFocus was not an issue with either camera, however, when it was necessary to lock focus on a moving object, one person commented that the "7D is the most capable AF I’ve seen to date." Hmmm.. very interesting Movie Mode – Both cameras feature HD video capture. The Canon 7D has higher resolution at 1080p and 30 frames per second versus 720p and 24 frames per second. ISO – Now that the cameras have been in the hands of genuine users for several months, the comments indicate that the Nikon D300s has not been able to capture the same quality of images at high ISO ratings. This will come into play if you are shooting photos indoors in lower light without a flash, such as at a school play or a concert where there will be " No Flash Photography Permitted". LCD – Once again on the issue of numbers, it would appear that the LCD clarity will be about the same, but, once more, feedback on the user forums by folks who have used both cameras seem to favor the brightness of the Canon 7D, especially out doors in bright sunlight while using movie mode and/or Live View. Finally when you compare the Canon 7D vs Nikon D300s concerning Price – Street price is about $100 cheaper for the Nikon D300s. That is $1500 vs $1600, depending upon where you are shopping. This is for the Body Only – without a lens. Bottom Line – if you are a admirer of one camera brand or the other, there is no need to change, simply because you will continue to get great images from your chosen brand. Furthermore, even though the Canon 7D is the apparent winner in this assessment, just wait. It won’t be long before both cameras are replaced with newer, shinier, more technologically developed siblings. Photography is really fun. See the two cameras side-by-side comparisons at .digital-photographic-resources… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: