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Customer Service The Boy Scouts have a motto: Be Prepared. It might sound quaint, but believe me, when you are going to be spending a great deal of time in the out-of-doors, it’s wise advice – very wise. When you are outdoors, just about anything can happen – and at some point, it usually does! That’s why experienced campers and hikers will tell you that whenever you leave home for the great outdoors, you need to take a camping first aid kit. But your first question may be: "Why can’t I just use the first aid kit that I have at home?" I’ll tell you right off: that won’t work. How .e? Because outdoor adventures can cause outdoor medical emergencies – like broken bones, frostbite, or snakebite. And typical home first aid kits just don’t have the supplies that you will need for those situations. You need one that has been specially stocked with all the supplies you will need there. Which reminds me: if you have a child enrolled in the Boy or Girl Scouts program, one of the coolest (and practical) gifts that you can give them is a good first aid kit. Ditto for someone who is in to wilderness excursions or survival camping. These kits have been known to save lives – and that’s not marketing hype. Of course, your primary concern here is to make sure that your camping first aid kit is well-stocked. It ought to contain more than just burn cream, towelettes and band-aids! Your kit should include such things as a variety of bandages, adhesive tape, finger and leg splints, ace bandages, tweezers, scissors, snake bite kit, gloves — and especially a .prehensive first aid guide. By the way, a good .prehensive first aid guide is critical. It will tell you what to do for wounds, burns, handling cases of poisoning, animal bites, broken bones – even drowning and what to do if someone is unconscious. If the guide included in your kit is too skimpy on content, buy a larger book and keep it with your kit at all times. A good practice: Purchase a large, metal fishing tackle box, and stock it with the items that you will need. This makes a great camping first aid kit for a family or scout troop. Here are some other things to stock in your first aid kit: pain and fever reducers (like Tylenol or aspirin), a pre-paid cellular phone, water purification tablets, emergency matches (in a waterproof case), thermal blankets, and a handheld GPS device. You will not find some of these items in most pre-stocked first aid kits, so you will need to buy them separately and add them to yours. One final re.mendation: Once you have assembled your camping first aid kit, make sure you inspect all the supplies at least once or twice a year. If you find any medicines that have reached their expiration date, they should be thrown out. As well, throw out any first aid supplies that have been opened or damaged – they are no longer sterile. Replace any supplies that you have used, or you may find yourself a hundred miles from nowhere when you realize that you need it – and someone’s life could hang in the balance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: