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Business scope: the wedding of Jane Zhang, the most beautiful bride was not because of the housework before yesterday, raise a Babel of criticism of speculation, almost not married Jane Zhang in Italy Rome La Badia gotmarried castle. It is said that Jane Zhang’s mother did not receive an invitation to the wedding until yesterday morning, did not appear in the wedding scene, but also to eat a little bit of eating a melon people. However, more people eat whale is micro-blog hot search once is not the bride of Jane Zhang himself, but her maid of honor of the goddess Liu Yifei Indoorsman. I was not good, segmentation each female celebrity wedding film bridesmaids, good spotlight bridesmaids lineup is also very attractive. This time, because there are always rarely attended the event, Liu Yifei joined the bridesmaids, before the wedding had taken micro-blog hot search. The history of the most beautiful dresses this time, Jane Zhang wedding bridesmaids the overall color value is good, of course, a considerable part of the reason is very awesome Bridesmaid dresses. From Tony Ward + violet pleated skirt bridesmaid dresses design with a romantic color, is purple color with each other whole wedding site layout, the preparation is very visible heart. Each Tony Ward bridesmaid dresses almost the price of 8500 euros, equivalent to RMB 60 thousand +, just look at this embroidery detail of flowers knew how great: Tony Ward technology is designed for several manuscripts bridesmaid dresses Bridesmaid Dress Bridesmaid in the details of each department are not the same, full of sincerity ah: think about the wedding bridesmaid dresses, you will know what is the difference…… Pitch. The same is violet, is also a "romantic violet" and "rural violet" difference "foreplay" down the foot, capital of the most unusual folk style here is your Taobao with the money! Upstage bridesmaids early hot search Liu Yifei, like Helen of Troy is still full of fairies, quiet with some beautiful and lovely bride, the strength of RCC (you are not only the eyes of photographer Liu Yifei, photographed the bride with a bloody mouth is some meaning! Wang Luodan, Tan Weiwei and Pan Chen are also in the normal play, the United States and the United States the bridesmaid dresses background shine. Except for the beauty of Liu Yifei, another highlight of the bridesmaids is Tang Yan. As a good bestie candy while not wearing dresses, but still take this point (the strength of Qiangjing Fanzhu a little puzzled, not wearing a bridesmaid is…… In such two small Huadan, a large photo look down, the attention of the audience is basically not happy on the bride who was embarrassed (…… The three good bestie of Tang Yan Liu Yifei Jane Zhang # self photo self timer # today on micro-blog hot search, but…… The suction eye is still not the bride is really down, Tang Yan and Liu Yifei Yan value clothing products are superior (pretending not to see Jane Zhang wrinkles…… And the bride looked in general, not particularly high, I do not know is not not to attend the wedding not beautiful mood: once the super good sister, Zhou Bichang]相关的主题文章: