Boys off-site travel was pulled into the MLM network as girls and friends rescued zghd

The boys travel is pulled into the MLM online play girl friend rescued the original title: Xi’an college students in Xi’an alarm dens alarm dens Chinese daily news (intern reporter Chen Sicun Ma Qian photography Zhang Jie) recently, the Xi’an University Of Architecture And Technology student Zhang Huaqing college senior micro-blog ignition, since he and the police released on micro-blog with Duandiao MLM dens afterwards, there are people give him praise. The morning of November 6th 11, Zhang QQ suddenly appeared on a girl named head of butterfly phenanthrene friends add information source for people in the vicinity". After successfully adding butterflies asked Zhang is not Xi’an Philippines local people, can do her a favor, out of caution, Zhang said to see what happened, the other did not need to say what kind of help, just ask Xiao Zhang’s position. In the confirmation of Zhang is not far from my own, said Zhang hopes to save yourself. Due to the absence of any other information, Zhang began to doubt the butterfly phenanthrene motivation, will no longer be ignored, but when he picked up the mobile phone, QQ is full of butterflies Philippines news. Butterfly Philippines said himself into a small piece of MLM dens, hope can save myself out. In November 7th, Zhang said that at the beginning that the other party in the joke, until the afternoon, the other party is still continuing to send help information, I think it is true. 6 at 1 pm, Zhang reported to the police. Along with the police together to participate in the action of Zhang, see to their distress "butterfly Philippines" at the scene, but the butterfly Philippines is a man. Butterfly Philippines surnamed Liao, Sichuan, during the National Day travel to Xi’an, sleepwalk friends in Xi’an was pulled into the MLM organizations. So the use of mobile phone QQ to add nearby people, secretly to the outside world for help. Through the exchange, found that Zhang is college students instead of MLM dens inside, to help him save his zhang. In November 7th, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau, Ba branch ten shop police station Yanminghu police police police reports, the same day at 1 pm, Zhang received the alarm, the police according to the "butterfly Philippines" provides the location information and down from the windows of the surrounding environment candid pictures, a five storey beside dengjiapo primary school the village building, the MLM dens every Duandiao, in accordance with the provisions of the 9 person on the inside of the handle. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: