Blush And Bronzer For Ethnic Skin Tones-stand by me shinee

Beauty If you are woman of ethnic origin you may have some trouble deciding on which color blush will look best on you. Should you wear pink, coral, rose, brown, or no blush at all? The number of colors to choose from at the makeup counter and in the drugstore can be overwhelming, but there are some fast and hard rules for choosing the color that is best for you! Below are some guidelines to lead you in the right direction. You can use some of the same rules for choosing the right blush that you use for picking lipstick hues that look great on you, and there are far less blush colors than lipstick colors to choose from! Whether you are choosing lipstick or blush, you always want to pick a color that .pliments your skin tone. Obviously, you can not expect the darker skin tones to achieve the rosy natural and flushed look of lighter skins, but that does not mean your cheeks can’t look absolutely gorgeous! If your skin falls into the light end of the African-American skin tone spectrum, some blush shades for you to consider are: pale peach, coral, light pink and light bronze. For skin tones falling into the medium of the spectrum of the darker skin tones, these blush colors should be considered: peach, bronze, medium pink and light red shades. And for the darkest of skin tones, colors like these will work best: bronze, red, deep pink, fuchsia and plum. An alternative to wearing blush is using a bronzer. On darker skins, bronzer can give a nice highlighting look to the cheeks, as opposed to a "beachy" look that results when bronzer is put on a light skin tone. Gorgeous dark skins are a natural for bronzer because any golden tone will look great on dark skin. The best way to apply the bronzer is to dust the bronzer on with a larger makeup brush. Be sure to strategically touch on all the areas where the sun would naturally hit your face. A good rule of thumb is this is generally wherever your face is protruding rather than receding. Bronzer would go on cheekbones, along the hairline and forehead and on the top of the nose. You want it too look natural and effortless. There are many makeup .panies that specialize in ethnic skin tones, and if you start with looking at their color selections you will probably find just the perfect color for your cheeks! You may want to treat yourself to a makeup lesson or two with a professional who specializes in makeup application for ethnic skin. They will be able to show you the best colors for you and the proper way to apply the makeup to flatter your face. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: